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Residents of West, Kelem Welega Zones say they can’t harvest coffee due to security problem

Coffee Harvest in Ethiopia ( Photo credit : Mercanta )

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Residents of West and Kelem Welega Zones of Oromia Region said that they have not been able to harvest their coffee produce due to the security problem in their localities, sources reported.

Residents of different Weredas of the two Zones told Voice of America (VoA) that during the fighting between the government and the Oromo Liberation Army, security forces prevented them from going to their coffee fields in a bid to collect their produce (coffee cherries).

The Agriculture Bureau of the Oromia Region said on its part that the product is being collected in all the coffee growing areas of the Region.  

The attempts made to get responses and comments, regarding the complaints of the residents, from the Coffee and Tea Authority, the Oromia Cooperative Development Agency, the Oromia Coffee Union and the Regional Security Office have been unsuccessful for the time being, VoA reported. 


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