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Andargache Tsege’s remark on Taye Dendea ‘s critical statement on Ethiopian PM


On Monday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed dismissed Taye Dendea, State Minister for Peace, from his position in a brief two-line letter without providing an explanation for his decision.

On the same day, Taye, who has a sizable following on social media, took to social media to react to the Prime Minister’s action. He stated that he was removed from his position for advocating for peace and described the Prime Minister as cruel who plays with blood of innocents.

Taye made two significant criticisms within a span of about a week. He openly blamed the government for the failure of negotiations between Abiy Ahmed’s administration and the militant armed group, operating in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, in Tanzania.

Yesterday, he further criticized the government for prohibiting peaceful anti-war demonstrations in the capital, Addis Ababa. He also suggested holding those responsible for the ban accountable.

Taye’s critical remarks about the prime minister have sparked discussions among politically engaged Ethiopians. Andargachew Tsege, former leader of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7, perceives substantial political significance in Taye’s statements and believes they might serve as a clarion call for members of the rest of Abiy Ahmed’s administration. Tsege says he anticipated Taye’s removal, considering his outspoken criticism of Abiy Ahmed’s government.

You can view Andargachew’s interview with Anchor Media below (in Amharic)

Video : embedded from Anchor media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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