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Adda Berga Prison Break: At Least Seven Killed, Including Enchini Mayor

Adda Berga Ethiopia
Adda Berga district is within 60 K.M. distance from the capital Addis Ababa. (Google map)


At least seven individuals were reportedly killed on Friday night in Adda Berga District’s Enchini town when gunmen attacked the prison facility. The town is situated less than 60 kilometers from the capital, Addis Ababa.

A DW Amharic report published on Saturday cited residents from the town, who spoke anonymously, stating that the attack started around midnight.

“Hundreds of prisoners were freed. Berhanu Habteye, Mayor of the town, is killed. We have also heard that prison police who were on duty were killed,” the residents told DW Amharic indicating that the number of prison police killed in the attack is unspecified and confirmed that the Mayor was killed in the attack. 

Additionally, prison officers on duty were reported to have lost their lives, although the exact number remains unspecified. The armed group managed to break the firearms arsenal, looting an unspecified number of firearms.

The exchange of gunfire persisted for over an hour and residents described it as “unprecedented” in Enchini town. Subsequently, residents and security forces emerged to retrieve bodies, while the injured were transported to hospitals.

Besides the prison attack, there was an assault on the Sinqe Bank Branch in the town, although it was not specified if any robbery occurred. The assailants withdrew from the town following the attack.

DW Amharic attempted to contact Inspector Fana Regassa, the Head of the Districts Police Department, but he declined to respond. Hailu Adugna, the Oromia regional state Communication officer head, could not be reached via phone.

The identities of the gunmen remain undisclosed. Notably, the group that calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army’, an ethnic Oromo radical nationalist group associated with numerous killings and kidnappings in the region, operates extensively in the area.

This attack in Enchini town within Adda Berga District coincides with recent claims by the Ethiopian Defense Force regarding decisive actions against the group which it calls “OLF-Shane.” The security crisis in the Oromo region of Ethiopia has been escalating for more than five years.


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  1. I have said this before. We have been reading stories of killings, kidnappings and displacements of innocent civilians and civil servants in the rural areas and towns far enough from the capital. It is a matter of time before the ruffians carry out the same atrocities in the capital itself. Then hell will break loose with lawlessness preparing the whole country up for grabs for anyone. For what will follow, your guess is as good as mine. But I can tell you this. The entire 120+ million people will be on the move. 10 million in this direction and other 10 millions in every direction to every neighboring country overwhelming every one of them beyond their capacity to support. Some 10 to 20 million battle ravaged refugees will be standing at the gates of Europe posing to burst thru the barricades or border walls. Talk about an atomic bomb ready to explode.

  2. The more I read about this break in story the more I smell rat. This must have been carried it out with ample insider help. I have been saying this all along. These hooligans must have had adequate help from inside the regime itself. It is natural when you create governance purely on ethnic lines. It has nothing to do peoples emancipation but rather the empowerment of conniving smart alecks. When you make the rights of the individual secondary this is what you get. When you create a government as such you create individuals set up akin to a disease of bigotry that will turn out to be so infectious. You think you have seen enough bloodshed now? Wait until you see the big one. That country is well setup for going belly up. This is when the well educated are supposed to come in and save the country but that is not the case. The saddest thing about it is intellectuals among us are most of them stricken with the disease. They don’t feel an iota of shame when they flop their mouths with ‘neftegna’ this and ‘Oromummaa’ that. They now have coined a new racist profiling they call ‘settler class’. Folks, these are all who should know better intellectuals. These is what the children of that gem of the colored have become. They are digging its grave. I hate to say this and pray Our Creator forgives for it. I wish they were not even born.


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