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Navigating the Ethiopian Diaspora: A Call for Genuine Engagement and Leadership

 Ethiopian Diaspora - Concerned Ethiopians

By Concerned Ethiopians

For decades, countless Ethiopian diasporas have operated diligently behind the scenes, contributing actively to the pursuit of authentic democratic change in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, a tendency to gravitate towards familiar faces without scrutinizing their commitment to the cause has led to the exploitation of genuine efforts.

Predictably, Prime Minister Abiy has attracted diaspora figures like Prof. Almariam, Prof. Berhanu, etc., who once postured as advocates for peace and democratic values but are now part of deceitful buddies. Genuine Ethiopian diaspora participation can be achieved if we challenge የጦጣ መነኩሴዎች and የቀበሮ ባሕታዊዎች that have a history of disingenuous charm in pursue to advance self-interest in the diaspora. 

The one-trick-pony action in the diaspora seems to take the effort no further. It is crucial to veer away from unproductive approaches and contemplate authentic advice that leads to the intended plan. This involves a thoughtful consideration of how the diaspora channels efforts, with a primary emphasis on the credibility of our association.

Ambassador Tibor Nagy frankly informed us as a private citizen, “The best way for diaspora communities to influence US policy is to lobby with one voice – members of congress, the White House, and the State Department. … But none of the protesting groups had any impact on decisions we were making. For diasporas it’s all about unity, and saying the same thing over and over and over. That is reality.”

Mr. Jeff Pearce has also offered valuable and candid advice that deserves careful consideration, particularly for those in the diaspora contemplating street protests. His messages emphasize a crucial perspective: “Please get it through your heads once and for all, organizers: the protest is not the goal. Even having multiple, coordinated protests is not the goal. The goal is high-profile attention that can turn into political momentum to get stuff done for the cause.”

For a comprehensive understanding of Mr. Pearce’s insights, you can read the complete article by visiting: Amhara Genocide: Got Protest Fatigue?

Within the diaspora, there are genuine individuals with solid backgrounds who can assist in bringing a positive impact and will participate actively for a good cause.

The diaspora association is regrettably riddled with disingenuous alliances. Genuine and talented individuals do not need to align themselves with deceitful agendas. Opting to be manipulated for self-interest by a false plan reflects a sense of desperation and a lack of self-respect for both oneself and the underlying cause.

The immediate and primary emphasis for the diaspora community should be directed toward bolstering dynamic associations dedicated to propelling a cohesive and united effort. This intention could be achieved by supporting passionate, courageous, and talented individuals with dependable records validated by at least the last 20 years. These valued leaders, possessing credibility through their demonstrated commitments, should be debated and endorsed unanimously by the respected diaspora commission.  

TPLF and OLF ideology immersed by spreading untruthful narratives about the Amhara has intensified hatred-driven atrocities over the last five years, in particular in the Amhara and Oromia regions. Therefore, the Amhara leaders should emphasize taking the right actions for change and avoid being deceived and undermined by conniving individuals. This effort is crucial to preventing the pendulum motion of participation and alleviating the prolonged suffering of innocent Ethiopians.

An assertive and genuine affiliation is essential to pave the way for well-coordinated initiatives that translate brilliant ideas into tangible outcomes for activism, fundraising, and lobbying. Then, could the diaspora establish a dependable alliance within the diaspora community and between the diaspora and global policymakers!

Ethiopians should abstain from engaging with individuals who have a record of being dishonest to our mission. 

As Soren Kierkegaard stated: “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” 

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