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Anti-War Peaceful Demonstration Postponed: Organizers Announce

Organizers during the press conference on December 8, 2023 – Addis Ababa (Photo : DW Amharic)


An Anti-war peaceful demonstration that was scheduled for December 10 in Addis Ababa and various Ethiopian cities has reportedly been postponed, with the new date yet to be disclosed.

The organizing committee convened a press conference in Addis Ababa on Friday to clarify the circumstances behind the cancellation of the event.

The Ethiopian government detained four coordinators of the demonstration on Thursday and promptly issued a statement alleging the thwarting of a “terrorist plot to incite unrest and violence in Addis Ababa” on the same day.  Government also framed the peaceful demonstration as a “cover for terrorist ” activity.  The organizers attributed the postponement to these developments during the press conference.

Citing negative actions by the government intended to impede the peaceful demonstration, the committee referred to a statement released on Thursday by the “Joint Security Task Force.” This statement claimed to have disrupted plans of certain groups tasked with instigating violence and turmoil in Addis Ababa. 

The government’s announcement of the arrest of 97 individuals in an abrupt crackdown in Addis Ababa linked them to Fano Forces in the Amhara region and OLF Shene forces in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. News reports from local sources suggest a massive crackdown targeting youth groups in specific neighborhoods in the capital, hinting that the actual number of arrests could be significantly higher.

DW Amharic reported that the Anti-war peaceful demonstration’s organizing committee emphasized that conflicts in Tigray, Amhara, and Oromia regions have resulted in rape, deaths, displacement, and property destruction. The committee expressed that these conflicts exacerbated complex situations in the country and  could potentially lead to pointless disintegration. 

While the Ethiopian constitution allows peaceful demonstrations, organizers must notify the relevant government authority 48 hours before the event, allowing for necessary security arrangements. The Anti-War peaceful demonstration committee notified the government 12 days prior to the event, as reported by borkena earlier this week. However, the government prohibited the event, citing alleged “security concerns in the capital within the context of the country’s situation.” Yesterday, the government shifted the narrative, associating the Anti-War peaceful demonstration’s activities with a terrorist plot to foment violence and turmoil in Addis Ababa. Four organizers were apprehended on Thursday, with reports suggesting they were transferred to Awash Arba, known for its harsh prison conditions.

The committee did not specify the new date for the event’s postponement but mentioned it would be for a “limited time.” The peaceful demonstration aimed to advocate for an immediate cessation of conflicts in various Ethiopian regions and urged the government to seek resolution through peaceful negotiations.


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  1. Something is fishy about some of these organizers. How come they would naive and not expect such draconian reaction from the failed government, make personal/family and mental preparations, and have a contingency plan that would guarantee the occurrence of this much needed demonstration. How come they fold to the threats of the imbecile govt knowing fully well that what they were organizing was constitutional, would definitely cost them, and need to finish it in honor of their detained colleagues and other detainees. So much for heroism! I am on board with those who have conspiracy theory that the plan for the demonstration was a pee pee’s act all along intended to creating an escape valve to the boiling anger and frustrations in Addis, measure the temperature, and use the plot to identify the most politically active youth and throw them to detention, which they did. The action of these four men will embolden the govt to contue violating constitutional rights, crashing calls, and creating mistrus and doubt on the organizers of any future demonstrations. Next time, organizers, please, either bake it fully even if it costs you or just leave the way for others! I hope I am wrong!

  2. I am not surprised by the regime’s reaction. Also it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the organizers. I see it something that a life of another young man/woman is saved. Tempers are high now and I don’t think the organizers would have been able to control everyone in the demonstration. The government is full of trigger happy cowboys in its law enforcement department. Continuing press conference like this is the best option. They should learn from what happened in 2005. That is the saddest day then where demonstrators were used for target practice. Not again!!!

    • “I see it as something that saves the life of another young man or woman.” This is totally accurate. There is nothing these individuals can do but generate mayhem and violence. The Prosperity Party was backed by everybody when Tigrayans were fighting to overthrow this genocidal Ethiopian government and put an end to the misery of the rest of Ethiopia.

      Notwithstanding, no innocent person should die for the benefit of a small group of radical Amhara elites. Abiy Ahmed’s decision to arrest those elderly men was advantageous for both his own regime and the other innocent civilians who might have been harmed by the ostensibly peaceful demonstration.

      May the All-Powerful God spare the helpless Amhara people, the Oromos people, and the entire Ethiopian people from the sword of the evil Abiy Ahmed and his foreign supporters, such as the UAE, Turkey, and others.

  3. The situation is favorable and conducive for Abiy Ahmed to step down. He has been the cause for lawlessness, war and suffering of Ethiopia and Ethiopians have identified him to be the cause. Abiy is living in fear and constant nightmare. Residents living in surrounding Arat Kilo Palace are being tortured. They are told not to drive and park their cars around their house because Abiy Ahmed government is afraid of being dragged out of the Palace. When he is in such fear of people and people wants him gone the best solution is either forcefully to be removed or voluntary step down to avoid his own scandals.

  4. Subject: “Anti-War Peaceful Demonstration Postponed: Organizers Announce” December 8, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 9 Dec 2023
    1) Good Luck

    2) But then, needless to ask:, who ever openly wishes in favor of war?

    3) The tragedy of Ethiopia rests on the fact that Ethiopia has been an independent country for time immemorial.

    4) Other African Brethren Countries did not enjoy an iota of that privilege.

    5) And so, an interesting question pops out: “WHAT & WHY IS THE MODERN PROBLEM WITH ETHIOPIA????

    6) Start from the honorable Haile Selasie and keep on going all the way to all the admirable leaders of Ethiopia.

    7) Why Ethiopia — of admirable ancient history — is on the verge of disintegration into pieces in the MODERN TIMES?


    ——————– THE END ————————

  5. QUOTE. ” The peaceful demonstration aimed to advocate for an immediate cessation of conflicts in various Ethiopian regions
    and urged the government to seek resolution through peaceful negotiations.” UNQUOTE

    a). It is sad that WE BLACK AFRICANS do not learn about politicaly self-appointed leaders who are deeply concerned about themselves for the benefit of themselves for time without border.

    b). In particular, the bizarre characteristics of Supremely Educated, Black Africans, not using their respective
    Profession to help the Black Africans, is simply a phenomenon lacking appropriate words to explain their behaviour
    and attitude upon their brethren — the People of Black Africa.

    c). Don’t ask me about my share as it will only help you STRENGTHEN your bizarre characteristics!!!

    d). So, where is Africa heading ?

    e). EASY Answer: Straight to the ancient colonialists to be manipulated, as it has been for seemingly time immemorial .

    f). Black Africa Continent is their treasure and the Black African People are their followers. History is the witness !!!

    g). The History of Black Africans is something so bizarre, so sad, so overwhelmingly cruel, so endlessly etc! etc! etc.!

    h). It is sad that the conclusion of the above gives the ‘colonialist world’ ADDED NEGATIVE image of Black African

    i). In such an atmosphere, are — WE BLACK AFRICANS— capable of getting together in harmony and bring back:
    our natural dignity; our beautiful natural continental richness and above all, our natural gift of harmonious
    relationship with other people around the world. In the face of such characteristics are we ready to live by those
    admirable characteristics???



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