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“Many of the problems in Amhara region have vanished, normalcy restored,” says the regional gov’t

Yirga Sisay Amhara region update
Yirga Sisay, Amhara region Prosperity Party head (Photo : screenshot from AMC video)


Despite ongoing conflict reports between Fano Forces and government troops in many parts of the Amhara region, the Amhara region administration claims that “many of the problems in the Amhara region have vanished, and relative normalcy is restored in many parts of the region.”

Yirga Sisay, Head of the Amhara region Prosperity Party Branch Office, conveyed in a message broadcasted by the state-owned Amhara Media Corporation that “radical forces in the region disrupted services and caused a lack of peace.” He was referring to Fano Force- a group that is believed to have, if fact noticeable, massive broad-based support in the region and beyond.  He added that many of the security problems are now gone and that many cities and areas are not under government control – indirectly admitting that Fano forces have been controlling most parts of the region.  

He further asserted that the political and security apparatus in the region has been strengthened, suggesting that the “radical force” lacks the capability to cause further “problems.”

Mr. Yirga claimed, “the radical force is now isolated, and it does not have many followers.” However, on the same day, local and Ethiopian news sources abroad reported that Fano Forces entered Bahir Dar, the seat of the Amhara regional government, and seized 75 AK47s and over 10,000 ammunitions from an arms arsenal.

The Ethiopian Defense Force conducted multiple drone strikes in the region in recent days, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of civilians and some Fano forces members.

Media outlets with links to sources in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, such as ABC Amhara, continue to report that the Defense Force faces defeats from ambush attacks and occasional infantry fighting in the region.

In a recent interview with Anchor media, Andargachew Tsege, former leader of Ginbot 7-Arbegnoch Ginbar, stated that the Amhara movement is reaching its final chapter, calling on Ethiopians outside the country to unite in its support.

Since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister in 2018, tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara have been massacred in the Oromia and Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia. Additionally, incidents of ransom kidnapping and abuse of ethnic Amhara passengers traveling between the capital, Addis Ababa, and various cities in the Amhara region have been persistent issues faced by the region’s people.


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  1. Poor sisay I pity such grotesque ruffians why don’t they quit their jobs and go farming or selling shinkurt. As long as the killing and humiliation by oromo goons and their running dogs continue, the resistance will continue..until ?????

  2. How can anyone lie so blatantly. To lie has become the norm in Ethiopia. If you can not face the truth sooner than later the truth will kick you on the side.

  3. Now, who you do you believe? The federal and regional governs in Oromia and Amhara regions are both claiming victory over the rebels there. On the other hand, many stories have been posted here and every where in social media with stories of devastating victories by the rebels almost on daily basis. None of these stories have ever been corroborated by independent media both domestic and foreign. I have never seen Reuters, AFP, BBC and other foreign media outlets reporting on any battlefront victory either by the regime or the rebels. There were reports of killings and pillage by the rebels and regime but not victories.

    In any case, this on-going conflict is a serious concern for me. The daily count of casualties will continue to rise leaving millions terrorized. Mind you, they are being terrorized in their own country. Do you call this a living? Just think about how children will be left traumatized when they find their parents are suddenly dead and gone. Just think about it. The entire generation will be emotionally scarred for life. For peasants in the countryside are caught between the two warring sides. Many of them have gone through massacres and displacements but it does not end for them. If they survive the killings and pillaging and seek shelters at distant away from their domiciles the goons are still at their heels from every direction. Local members of the law enforcement will be badgering them accusing them of being members or supporters of the rebel groups. The next night the goons from the bushes will show up looking for government snitches. Sometimes when a group of farmers in hurry to get to the market day at nearby village, they better pray that they are not picked up by the regime’s drones nearby over their head looking for an easy prey. It was reported by locals that there were such innocent drone victims. This has to change but I don’t prescribe violence to bring about change with peace and stability. After all worship in violence as problem solver is the one that brought death and destruction to that country. The culprit is that demonic conviction that stipulates ‘political power comes only out of the barrels of the gun spewed around by satanic commies beginning the 1960’s. The indisputable historical fact is there has never been an armed group, call it a liberation front this or something else that, which turned out to democratic after achieving victory. You need proof? All you have to do is look around. There has never been one since the American War of Independence. None whatsoever!!! Nuff said for me now!!!


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