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“To Be or Not To Be” Ethiopia Cry Freedom !!!! (Dawit WG)

Ethiopia Freedom
Dawit WG


by Dawit WG

Arab expansionism has always been the number one enemy of Ethiopia since the establishment of the Arab League. The league promoted Arab nationalism and included the Horn of Africa,  particularly Ethiopia, in the broader scheme of its final strategy to include the entire countries in the belt of Africa as members of the Arab league.  Over time that failed,  because Arab nationalism broke up due to the emergence of Middle East politics ( Israel factor and the fracture of Islam in to two main factions: Suni and Shia)

Now a new Arab alliance of small but powerful groups has emerged and are planning to make the Red Sea an Arab Lake and bring Ethiopia and the Horn into their sphere of influence like they did in Yemen( though not succeeded yet). Now they have bought an ally in the Horn, the second most populated country in Africa,  and together with Eritrea, the most strategic region  in Africa, Ethiopia.  Evil Abiy has offered Ethiopia for sale to be able to keep his throne.

Amhara and genuine Ethiopians have to fight harder and be more unified than ever to save Amharas from extinction because Amharas are seen as the primary impediment to the survival of Abiy and the implementation of the strategy of controlling Ethiopia and through it the entire belt from East to West ( Coast to Coast).The agenda is huge complex and extremely serious. Fano needs to expedite its activity and establish a new political order before troops and armaments from certain Arab  countries flood our country and the gates of hell are wide open. Certain Arab countries have already taken over the Ethiopian airforce command center at Debrezeit, periphery of Addis, and brought in technicians and pilots to operate the war planes and drones they have brought in.

We the people, have the capacity to turn this around in our favor. But we must be united and resolute. Amharas and  Orthodox  Christians and Amhara  muslims : for you this is the final war before the “ Final Solution” by the joint Arab-Abiy evil alliance. And for the international community : this could be the beginning of the most complex war the world has ever seen since the second world war.

Cry Freedom!!! Repel Aggression   : United We  Will Win.

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