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Drone Attack in Lasta Kills 73; Fresh Attack in Menth Claims 9 Lives   

Lasta Ethiopia Drone strike
There had been an intense fighting in Lasta between Fano forces and government troops (Photo : google map)


According to a report by Wazema Radio published on Tuesday, 73 people killed in drone attack in the Ayena and Bugna districts of Lasta,  North Wollo Zone in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

Last Wednesday, three drone strikes occurred in the aforementioned areas. Wazema, citing sources – apparently with links to the area, indicated that the initial drone attack targeted a mill. A woman who owns it was killed in the attack. 

The second strike allegedly aimed at a vehicle transporting Fano forces, resulting in casualties among the Fano group. The third drone strike hit civilians who were returning from the market. These individuals had encountered the aftermath of the second attack, attempting to gather the bodies, apparently for burial preparations. Wazema reported that an entire family perished in this strike. 

In a related incident, a fresh drone attack in Menth, located in the North Shoa zone of the Amhara region, claimed the lives of nine civilians. Among the victims, six were described as children who were looking after cattle as shepherds, as per Anchor Media. The remaining victims were women.

Meanwhile, ongoing conflict between Fano and government troops persists across multiple areas within the Amhara region, as reported by local sources. The confrontation near Bahir Dar, the capital of the Amhara region, has entered its tenth day. Additionally, intense fighting has been noted in the North Wollo area where gov’t troops have reportedly suffered defeats. 


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