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Cholera Outbreak in Amhara, Ethiopia: Ninety Deaths Amid Ongoing Concerns

Cholera Outbreak Amhara
WHO reported that 1.9 million people were vaccinated for Cholera in the Amhara region by November 2023. (Photo : WHO)


Ninety people are reported to have succumbed to cholera in the Amhara region of Ethiopia within the last three months. The Amhara Region Health Office has verified the outbreak. The outbreak was first reported in July of this year in the West Gondar zone of the region. 

Belay Bezabih, Director of the Amhara Region Public Health Institute, noted that Ethiopia experienced a cholera outbreak more than a year ago. In May of this year, borkena reported 18 deaths in South Ethiopia.

The Amhara Region Public Health Institute confirmed that 4942 cases of the disease were identified via laboratory tests between July and the end of November. The number of deaths during the same period is said to be ninety. The majority of fatalities occurred in the Quara area of the Amhara region where the problem reportedly originated. However, recent records from the director speaking to VOA Amharic service indicated no documented deaths in recent weeks.

Belay Bezabih mentioned that fifty-four districts in the region are affected. Yet, there has been progress in containing the spread in 28 districts, particularly in the western areas. To declare an area cholera-free, the director emphasized the necessity for zero new infections for 42 consecutive days.

Although vaccinations have been administered in affected areas, the Public Health Office of the region confirmed the persistence of the problem in the eastern part, specifically in North Wollo and Waghmera zones, where famine-related deaths have been reported recently. 

A report by the World Health Organization in November 2023, said “Close to 1.9 million receive the Cholera vaccine despite challenging environment in Amhara region” 

Staff from Debret Tabor Hospital, speaking anonymously to VOA Amharic service, expressed ongoing concerns. They mentioned that cholera cases are still prevalent in Semada and Tatch Gaynet, with about four or five cases being examined daily. However, conclusive data regarding the current status of the problem is unavailable. They further highlighted that the ongoing conflict in the region has facilitated the spread of communicable diseases.

The region has remained a conflict for over six months due to the conflict between Fano forces and Ethiopian government troops, resulting in the loss of numerous civilian lives, with no resolution in sight albeit the Federal government has been making claims that it will end military operations within two weeks. 


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  1. Such tragedy is one of the dividends of stupid conflicts. Chaos always accompany wars which make critical assistance almost impossible for those who need it. In these days and age, such deaths from avoidable scourge should not have happened. But what our over qualified daughter/sister Dr, Lia bint Tadesse can do? I am sure her heart is just as broken as mine. Bigots are running amok in Amhara and Oromia targeting public infrastructures and civil servants. The demonic outlaw in Oromia is massacring innocent observers of The Holy Scriptures every where in Arsi and Western Oromia. Malaria, dengue, cholera and other not yet identified epidemics are killing civilians in areas where the so-called ‘Liberation Front’ is rampaging. Let alone nations health service staff, even international aid groups have been denied access by these two groups of bandits in the two regions. The noble citizens of these two regions are at the mercy of the hooligans among them and the regime’s deadly drones raining bombs on top of them.

    In light of all of this tragedy, you may ask what those among us who should know better with PhD’s are doing? These stubborn dumbbells are arguing over the ‘reputation’ of this or that leader of lawless ruffians. For these smart alecks the motto is war and destruction or bust. They blare their idiotic ‘zerraafs’ and ‘gerersaas’ trying to feed on our raw emotions and making blood money off of it. I am holding these two bands of hoodlums, their drum beaters among us along with the regime itself except the ministry of health officials for this and other avoidable deaths and destruction from totally avoidable diseases and conflicts. I have said this before and I will say it again. There is no reason that justifies the current stupid melees in the two largest regions of that country. None whatsoever. All of the issues could have been dealt and resolved peacefully. They will never be effectively and amicably addressed by violence.

    I say this to my very dear Amhara brothers and sisters. I am aware of the fact that you have been unfairly targeted and demonized for all the ills that have been haunting that country. I don’t blame you if you accost me about that. Your anger has basis for it. I totally understand that. In some cases your anger is seen to boil over. I understand that also. But I also see bigots among you who are trying to use your raw anger and emotion for their long term hideous scheme. They are rallying up the hopelessly unemployed youth and pushing it to flock to the bushes just to meet its untimely demise. Bigots over there from their safe rabbit holes and here from they comfy homes are taking the two regions to irreversible destruction. Millions will senselessly die and will end up maimed with millions left homeless. For me no one was an angel the whole time in its history. There has never been real democracy anywhere in that country throughout its existence. Every ethnic group has done many things good and many things bad. That is in the past and the current generation is totally innocent of it and this must be used as a springboard for peaceful dialogue. Let’s all root and pray for that. Insha’Allah!!!

    Please forgive me for a few spelling errors because I am now overwhelmed with emotions.


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