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Abiy Ahmed’s Televised : Spewing Hate Towards African Americans & Unleashing Anti-Semitic Venom

Ethio Chronicles

Video : embedded from Ethio Chronicles YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. So you are trying to gain the support of African Americans and Jews by quoting out of context? Is that all you’ve got, sill fan-0 goose? Yes, Abiy is bad. But he is pro-Israel and pan-Africanist! To borrow your own phrase, you unleashed a venom against a bad guy and in the process against your own country!

  2. First of all, Abiy Ahmed himself is half “Semite” via his mother, therefore he cannot possibly be “anti-Semite”.
    “Semitic peoples ” includes ALL the Arab peoples in the Middle East, part of West & North Africa, and in Ethiopia Amhara, Tigray, and Western-Northern of Eretria are also Semitic people.

    Link =×300/57/123057-004-F411A138.jpg

    The modern-day Jewish people that have migrated to Israel are not “Semitic” but European-in-origin mainly Kharzas (whos king decided to convert all of them to avoid attacks by Christin’s and Muslims (religious wars), therefore the entire population converted to Jewish only for safety reasons) some of them also come from Ukraine, Russia & the Caucuses… In other words they are “religious Jews” not form blood-line of ancient Israelites (Semites) who related to the Arbs.
    ( that is why DNA test is illegal in Israel)

    Link =

    The PM’s argument which he bases solely on the current tangible “Economic and political power dynamics in the US” between the two groups that he was trying to convey is a lot more complicated when taken in all its various aspects, the story maybe partially true ( in economics & political influence part) but when put together with all its other parts they are totally incomparable.
    If we just focus on ‘community support’ the Jews help each other across the board ( anyone new who says he is Jew will automatically given help and introduced to others that can help at every opportunity, black Americans not so much, that by itself has a lot to do with their success as a group.
    That is not to say there are no bad-apples, George Soros a Jew himself said it many times in 60-minutes and other interviews that he helped Nazis LOOT Jewish arts and other properties in his native Hungary, and he has NO regrets what so ever.

    The PM is not the only one who talked about this Malcolm X and many other black leaders talked about it to in many occasions such as “uncle tom”, “house Negro” and the “field Negro, in various different context but showing the conflict within that held back the black community…

    CIA has done a lot of harm in dividing black people, while Mossad helped Jews in many many ways (“Jeffry Epstein” anyone?)

    All in all, for both groups certain matters are too sensitive to glide over to find common grounds… they are better untouched since they are too complicated and messy, therefore are unnecessary topics to discuss. ( I know someone is going to come after me now… I know perspectives are wide and far on any subject these days, as decisive ideas & events keep creating and widening the gaps between people in the same families. )
    However, there is hope, they say, the other half of this decade that we are in, is supposed to CHANGE many of the things that are dividing us left and right, and up and down… to be able to witness that, as our ancestors say “እግዚአብሄር የነገ ሰው ይበላችሁ/ ይበለን” ። )

    Be well.

  3. “The ZIONIST like Benjamin Netanyahu and his elk in “Israel” are not “religious” they despise Religion, they are “atheist” right wing fascistic ultranationalist of the ZIONIST movement…, therefore, it is not “anti-Semitism” to oppose them and to attack them for the genocide they have been committing in Palestine since 1948, most importantly the one they are committing right now 24/7 on unarmed civilian women, children’s, and the elderly who are trapped in GAZA with nowhere to go…”
    George Galloway, Dec 3, 2023

    Link =

    Be well.


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