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Over 210 people die from starvation in Tigray Region

Image : Irish Jesuits International (File)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Over 210 people died and seven schools were closed due to the severe famine that occurred in Abergelle-Chilla Woreda of Tigray Region, Sources said.

Voice of Weyane, (Radio of Tigray People’s Liberation Front-TPLF) reported recently that people are dying in connection with lack of food and medical provisions.

The news source said that over 5,000 students were registered at the beginning of the Ethiopian Academic year. But they all failed to report at their schools, according to Voice of Woyane (TPLF).

Due to lack of rain over the past winter, various parts of Tigray Region were hit by severe drought that caused heavy humanitarian damages.

Particularly,  in Abergele Chilla Woreda  the drought caused human loss and many people left their homes in search of alms.

A mother who is residing in Woreda said that the people were experiencing drought in their area. “We move out to Chilla Town and other places seeking alms,” she said.

“There is no rain in our area. Only certain areas received some rain, but most areas did not receive enough to grow crops,” the lay said. She said that most of the people have been engaged in begging.

“It’s a year since we have received aid, and we’ve never been given any after that. The entire community of this area is affected by the famine. Sometimes we are not successful in getting alms. Many people are dying of hunger. Let the government help us and let our children continue with their studies,” she said.

The other lady who was approached by Voice of Weyane said that she had to come to Chilla Town with her kids because they were starving. “Unfortunately, there is nothing here either. I am in great trouble with my children,” she lamented.

The lady has five children and she left three of them with someone. “Two little ones are with me. I have nothing to feed them,” she said.

A  little girl said that she dropped out of school because of hunger and came to the village in search of something to eat. She said she was begging for food everyday. She pleaded for help.

Chief administrator of Abergele-Chilla Woreda, Hagos Hadera said that the community has been facing problems. There was a severe lack of rain in the winter season. Hagos also complained of shortage of supply of fertilisers.

Hagos said that over seven schools were closed following the severe drought in the area. “Up to 5,000 students who had been registered have not yet come to school,” he said.

Hagos further said that there was a terrible famine, which claimed the lives of many people. More than 210 people have died so far, according to him.


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  1. QUOTE: “Over 210 people die from starvation in Tigray Region” UNQUOTE November 27, 2023

    Extremely Shocking News
    1) i.e. “die from starvation” !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    2) It is simply shocking and deeply embarrassing to TIGRAY, and Ethiopia in general. [Ooops! are they separate!?!?]

    3) In any case, what are the proud INTELLECTUALS of the Highest Quality do against the face of the reality?

    4) Will Educated, refined, and custodian of the TOP MOST Degrees, from TOP MOST UNIVERSITIES around the
    Globe, come to the rescue of the unfortunate!?!?!?!? It is a glaring question to THYSELF.

    5) It requires deep sense of feeling to come to the aid of the unfortunate ordinary people of Tigray.

    6) It also applies — if it is consolation —to our Dear Entire Continent of Black Africa.

    7. Are we proud of what we are?!?!?!?!? YES, “proud” whose meaning is of course different from the word of our colonial
    master, the great, dynamic, master of the world, THE WHITE RACE.

    8) At the end, one dares to ask the obvious question: When will Tigray be free from the image and reality of cruel Life?!?

    THE END >>>> [with closing eyes and ears]

  2. The situation in Tigray, Ethiopia is beyond to to the addressed problem, which require to open eyes and ears of the world society. To mention some crucial points famine, war, limited resource, knowledge, skills, absence of responsible body,


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