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Kush State formation – Part of the great power’s “confederation” project?


It has been rumored for a long time now that the U.S. government and its allies do have a project of redrawing borders in the Horn of Africa with the aim to form several weak confederate states.

Some analysts tend to think that the U.S. has a vested interest in “strong and united Ethiopia.” Others say that the U.S. is primarily interested in weak Ethiopia and is working to ensure that Ethiopia is stable, united and strong.

What is clear is that the U.S. diplomatic mission in Ethiopia has recently been engaged in boldening parochial sentiments including by holding talks with regional state presidents. The motive of it certainly begs a question.

That said, the radial ethnic Oromo nationalist forces seem to be relentlessly working on “Oromia republic project” including by exploiting state resources under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed.

The group also seem to be actively supporting clique groups including one that is created to destabilize Eritrea.

Take a listen to the points Desalegne Dirara is making in the video featured below.

Video : embedded from Ethio Chronicles YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. “Convince and confuse”: 

    Is a FLAWED idea or concept that comes from a feeling of defeatedness… 

    (It was said, certain “politicians” can very well be replaced by AI (Chat -GBT) on a laptop… ) ” … heard it thought the grapevine…” 😉

    Which is to say: Create a SUDO-unifying one party (PP) and we can rule not only “Oromia ” but all the other regions in the entire country as if it is all “Oromia ” (under Oromia control, using PP “Party Rules”. ). 

    That is the only way a minority-“group” of 30 -35 million out of 120 million can subdue and gag the majority.
    If Ethiopia’s population was 60 million yes then 30 – 35 million can become a majority, but not out of 120 million, by any stretch of the imagination.

    The solution is very simple.

    #1) All the PP members that come from Amhara, Somalia, Afar,  South, and the other regions must resign their PP membership and sit as an “independent” member of parliament.

    #2) Amhara region by law can have only one party  and only elect  Federal-representatives for that one party ( “Andnet Party ”) will always represent in the federal Parliament .

    #3) All the other regions will form the same Independent-Regional “Andnet Party” that is only going to answer to and take its orders from the “local-Voters” of the region, free of federal authority rules, but the Law of the Land.

    #4) The regional- Andnet Parties will create a “central committee” by sending 2 members each to strengthen the connections and collaborations with the other regional “Andnet Parties”.  They use legal-advisors of each-regional office to create:

    a) Rules of engagements
    b) Procedures of engagements
    c) Governance Policies of the “Central-committee”, without infringing the independence of the “regional “Andnet Party” independence and rules, procedures, & G. Policies etc. 
    d) The “central -committee” will have the right and obligation to appoint a “Prime Minister’ based on Service, education, capability, etc. out of the “Nominees” presented by the general (all inclusive) “Andnet Party” membership and refined by the Central committee to a manageable number of candidates and debate and evaluate each Nominees credentials in a transparent and open debate and choose a Prime Minister, and deputy Prime Minister, and a General Secretary to guide the central committee day today business activities  ( never all  from the same region). 
    e) No “back-room” deals and discussions, all debates, discussions, and decisions  are recorded and filed and made available to the general public as they happen without any delay or omissions,  in the language the population in every region can understand.

    #5) All future “elections” are conducted  by the regional “Election Committee” within the regional jurisdictions and would be “politicians” HAVE TO BE NOMINATED by the the “kebekle Elders” and debated and their credentials examined and evaluated along with their community SERVICE-records & good behaviors, no one can “volunteer” or “self-nominate”  himself to office ( no US (Western style)  “Hired Guns” allowed “By-Law”, and any violations would be punishable by sevier penalties as in imprisonment, NO EXCEPTIONS.   

    #6) The membership of the combined regional “Andnet Party” will Propose a Referendum to be voted for region by region “whether to continue with the existing ‘Ethnic based divided Regions’ or to roll back to the original pre 1991 14 Provinces jurisdictions of Ethiopia, and in the process OPENING or PAVING the way how Eretria can rejoin the family we all Know as Ethiopia as an Autonomous Province, with all the privileges & opportunities & obligations afforded & shared by all Ethiopians without any boundary & restrictions to live/work/own properties/ build businesses and livelihoods legally throughout the nation of Ethiopia as an Ethiopian citizen.”    And the people of Ethiopia North, East, West, & South will vote and their decision will be the final word as to how we want to continue as a nation as one people. Remember we weren’t  put side by side to fight and kill each other, it’s the  foreigners who benefit from “DISCORD” that come from FAR & WIDE that WANT us to fight  one another so they get their hands on the Spoils  ( they want our stuff) that is how they PROSPER.    

    So we live in peace and prosperous lives and pass it on to the next generations of “Ethiopians”.  It is doable and it can only be done by us, no one else.  Remember no individual is more Ethiopian than any one other. 

    Let our ancestors’ spirits help us look through the (smock & mirror) mirage of obstacles (the divide and rule agents of discord, from far ) create for us to fight each other over, and defeat them & and their demonic-plans and surge forward together again side by side bravely without prejudice.

    Be well.    


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