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Residents in Central Ethiopia say indiscriminate attacks continue in Wolkite Town


Welkite (Photo : SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The indiscriminate attacks continue  following the conflict started weeks ago between Guraghe and Kebeina ethnic groups in Wolkite Town, the Central Region of Ethiopia, the residents in the area said.

The residents expressed their fear saying that “there is a serious security threat” in their area, which is affected by the bloody conflicts.

The Interim Military command of the Zone, which confirmed that students were attacked, said it is making efforts so that schools can resume the disrupted teaching and learning process.

Efforts made to get information from the government officials of Gurage Zone, Wolkite Town Administration and Kebeina Special Woreda were unsuccessful as they did not answer the phone calls.

The elderly people asked the government to uphold the rule of law and bring about a lasting solution to the security problem in the Zone.

It is to be recalled that four people were killed and over one hundred were injured in the clash erupted between Guraghe and Kebeina ethnic groups last October 2023, according to the news report of Voice of America. 


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