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His Grace Abune Ermias widely criticized over this remark in Lalibela


This week, the Ethiopian Defense Force and the Amhara region administration organized a public meeting in Lalibela to engage residents.

It came days after Fano forces withdrew from the town and after news of concern over the safety of the historical churches made headlines in local and international media outlets. Extensive use of artillery and other heavy weaponry reportedly created a sense of shock and vibration raising concerns that the age-old churches would crumble.

His Grace Abune Ermias was present during the meeting and the remarks he made outraged many Ethiopians. He is accused of siding with Ethiopian government forces and that Fano should not reenter Lalibela. However, he also remarked about an incident of looting after the Fano Forces withdrew from Lalibela insinuating that members of the Defense Force were behind it.

He appeared in Ethiopian Media Services and Anchor Media following widespread criticism. In those interviews, he said that his speech during the meeting was doctored by Ethiopian government media in a way to cut out the part in which he criticized the government. He also maintained his position that he can not say that the Ethiopian Defense Force has to perish.

His remarks continue to generate a great deal of criticism. Adebabay Media on Tuesday had extensive coverage on it and its audience had a chance to remark on the issue by phone. The Video is shared below.

Video : embedded from Adebabay Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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