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Only 83 percent of reports compiled on employment said to be true

Ethiopia's Ministry of Labour
Muferiat kamil, Ethiopia’s Minister for Labour and Skills Development

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –Borkena – The Ministry of Labour and Skills has announced that only 83 percent of the reports related to employment issues and coming from various areas are true, Ethio-FM 107. 8 Radio reported.

Minister of Labour and Skills, Muferiat Kamil, disclosed that only 83 percent of the “job creation” reported over the last two years, was close to the truth and 17 percent was disregarded as a false report.

The Minister said that in the 2022/23 Ethiopian Fiscal Year, the Ministry claimed to create employment opportunities for 3.5 million citizens, using only 83 percent of the reports sent to the Ministry from every region. Due to the unreliable 15 percent of the reports, the Ministry could not report 100 percent of the achievement, Muferiat said.

Minister Muferiat said that since 2023 EFY, the Ministry has had a study conducted  to clarify the situation and the data obtained on this basis shows that only 83 percent of the current EFY was found to be genuine.

She further said that her Ministry is working on clearing information about the credibility of the reports coming from the Regions.

The Ministry of Labour and Skills have created job opportunities for 1.1 million compatriots over the last five months from June 2023 EFY.


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  1. In case you didn’t know, 83% reliability is very good considering the way Borkena and other money-making media are reporting, ranging from no-news to propaganda to plagiarizing what others have reported.

  2. When I realize that the country I left behind as a young boy is being run by patriots like H.E. Muferiat bint Kamil, it gives me confidence that it is in good and capable hands. Right on sister, right on!!!!


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