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Hopes for Peace in Oromia Region of Ethiopia Dashed as Dar Es Salaam Peace Talk Crumbles 

The Hope for peace in Oromia region of Ethiopia is dashed after the second round negotiation with the Oromo Liberation Army in Tanzania fails (Photo: File)


 Abiy Ahmed’s government and the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group- OLF-Shane , which the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist organization in May 2021, have been engaging in a peace talk in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania for over a week.

Despite hopes from the region’s people for potential peace, a government authority announced on Tuesday that the peace talks concluded without reaching an agreement. There were in fact reports that the peace talk was progressing smootly. 

Redwan Hussien, Security Advisor to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, shared on his official X page, “The Government of FDRE has engaged in peace talks with Shene/OLF-OLA, aiming to end the conflict in some parts of the Oromia region. Unfortunately, the two rounds of talks ended without an agreement.”

The Ethiopian government announced these peace talks shortly after they were reported by Ethiopian media outlets, yet no specifics were provided regarding the negotiation points.

This latest talk marked the second round. The first one was held about six months ago.

The Ethiopian government is accusing the militant group which calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army” (OLA)  for failure of the second round of talks. Redwan Hussien, who was said to be represented in the talk after representation by military leaders was opposed by Ethiopian opposition groups, claimed that “GoE tried to pursue peace in earnest within the framework of principles that have guided similar earlier efforts which  include respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity & unity of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia  & respect for constitutional norms.” 

For him, the failure of the talk was due to the “intransigence of the other party” ( OLA). He wrote “due to the intransigence of the other party the talks have come to an end without an agreement. The obstructive approach and unrealistic demands of the other party are the principal reasons why these talks could not succeed.” 

As of now, the militant group has not released a statement on why the talks failed and what it was demanding from the Ethiopian government. The group leader, Jal Mero, reportedly had a Zoom meeting with supporters of the organization earlier this week. He is said to have stated that it is an achievement that his organization has now the stature to negotiate in the “presence of great powers” although it was despised in the past – apparently by government.

It is not disclosed to the Ethiopian Public as to who was mediating the talks, what the Abiy Ahmed’s government is offering in the peace talk and what the terrorist group has been demanding. 


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  1. Unless a spanking new Republic of Oromia is delivered on a silver platter to the most intelligent military technician in history at his crib in some joint in Wallagaa, there will be no truce. His indomitable army has liberated 99.9% of Oromia anyway, so any dialogue at this point is irrelevant and at a moot point. It is a waste of time. What the fearless and victorious rebel leader is asking is simple. Ethiopia should leave Ethiopia now! Get it? Ethiopia should leave Ethiopia! Hello!!! Ethiopia, leave yourself, Ethiopia! Ethiopia out of the country of Ethiopia!!! Then a referendum should be held in Oromia with only one choice on the ballot: Secession: Yes! If you didn’t hear me saying it the first time, I will say it again: ETHIOPIA, LEAVE ETHIOPIA!!! Get it? Hello!!! Get it? I gave up!!!

  2. It is sad that the negotiation did not lead to an agreement. I think the government should have tried to secure the needed peace in the region and by extension in the country. The political climate that forced many of the citizens to resort to rebellion should be put under microscope. If needed those responsible for it should be made accountable. The government has nothing to lose by accommodating most of the demands of the OLA, but has more resources allocated to prosperity projects, as the government has more power in its hand to enforce any future violation. Now it is on the parties to come out put detailed negotiation agendas to the public and where they have had difficulties reaching agreement.
    It is unfair for the government negotiator to characterize the OLA as intransigent without giving details of the negotiated items that OLA had difficulties accepting. I hope the observer countries and organizations will shed light on the process and who to blame for this round of negotiation to fail.
    The country cannot afford these continued crises exacerbated by high cost of living, increasing poverty, the occasional famines, the ever-increasing unemployment situation of the youth etc., and not addressing the armed conflicts in a manner that makes all parties winner, is a recipe for more crises/disaster. The government leaders should worry about this more than the average citizen as they hold the keys to the solutions of many of the problems of the country.

  3. Hey Ethiopia! I’ve told you what I want a million times. You seem you are not listening. Which language you don’t understand? Myself and through my representatives in Tennessee, Atlanta, Lexington, Minnesota, Oslo, Down Under and Flint, Michigan have told until you turned deaf. I want my beautiful Oromia on a golden platter by the lunch time on January 1, 2024. I have been very nice to you when my indomitable fighters wanted to come to your palace and kick you out, I told them we should give you another chance. Now, you have walked out this dialogue, there is no more chance left on the hopper for you. Beginning this coming Saturday you will see me launching the mother of all wars and liberate the whole Oromia including those in Kenya, Afar, Eritrea(Beja People are all Oromos) and Somalia by the following Saturday. This is what you get when you refuse to listen to me. Ethiopia out Ethiopia now!!!!

    • Dear Farda,

      For what length of time do you employ derision, ridicule, mockery, and deception? You had better be direct and concise in your message delivery.

  4. When the Tigray defence force (TDF)was advancing towards Finfine,the Oromo liberation army has a good chance to weaken the government forces in Oromia. But the TDF withdrew because of international pressure and the Oromo liberation army lost the chance it got. Since Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people, the TDF is committed to defending it against the Amhara forces.

  5. QUOTE: ” It is not disclosed to the Ethiopian Public as to who was mediating the talks, what the Abiy Ahmed’s government is
    offering in the peace talk and what the terrorist group has been demanding.” UNQUOTE

    It goes without writing that the Ethiopian public are not considered important. to be told about the affairs of Ethiopia !!!!!!!!

    That is our Africa

    Self-appointed individuals matter and the people obey .

    That is what we are in our Dear Black Africa.

    Education does not liberate us

    We should be very happy that we are able to write our opinion from safe area far way.

    Otherwise the well educated dictatorial brethren, with top most doctor of philosophy degrees, will show us how to be quiet.

    That is REALITY in our enviable rich Black African Continent.

    And, it will keep on going that way — very> very> very> very> very sad to say.



  6. On the news of failure on this negotiations, I succumbed down into my couch. I needed some therapy and counseling to soothe my anger and frustration. That is my old suddenly showed and serenaded me with this. The old friend is none other than Edwin. Edwin and I go way back, way back to 1969
    Edwin! Hit it!!!

    War I despise
    ‘Cause it means destruction
    Destruction of innocent lives
    War means tears to the thousands of mothers eyes
    When their sons go out to fight and lose their lives.
    War, What’s good for? Nothing!!
    Say it again!
    War! Good God! y’all
    What’s good for? Absolutely nothing!!!
    War! It ain’t but a heartbreaker
    War, it has only one friend, the undertaker!
    War has shattered many young men’s dreams
    Made them disabled, bitter and mean
    Life is much too short and precious to be fighting wars these days(in Ethiopia)
    War can’t give life, it can only take it away
    Peace, love and understanding
    Tell me, is there a place for them these days?
    They say you must fight to keep your freedom(to bring you freedom in Oromia & Amhara)
    Ohh, Good God y’all!
    There must be a better way!!!

    You said it all 54 years ago, Edwin!!! May you rest in eternal peace, brother!!!

  7. Make that:
    On the news of failure on this negotiation, I succumbed down into my couch. I needed some therapy and counseling to soothe my anger and frustration. That is when my old friend suddenly showed up and serenaded me with this. The old friend is none other than Edwin. Edwin and I go way back, way back to 1969
    Edwin! Hit it!!!


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