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Flood inundates Kebeles of Dasenech Wereda in South Ethiopia Region

South Omo Zone-Ethiopia
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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Some 34 of 40 Kebeles in Dasenech Wereda of South Omo Zone in South Ethiopia Region were inundated by the overflowing Omo River, the Wereda administration disclosed.

Fikre-Mariam Aymela, the Wereda Chief Administrator, indicated that the overflow of the river, which flooded the area beyond the limit, is covering most of the areas of the Wereda, Voice of America, Amharic service reported.

About eight thousand family members residing in 34 Kebeles and seven islands have been affected by the flooding of the river, it has been stated.

The Report indicated that 1, 435 hectares of irrigated crops have been destroyed and 123,000 hectares of livestock pastures have completely been submerged in flood water, according to the Reporter. 


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