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Abiy Ahmed intending to remove Somali region president?


Mustafa Mohammed, president of the Somali regional government, is certainly one of the popular political figures – not just in the region he is administering but beyond.
Under his administration, he was able to make the region stable from a security point of view by arresting ethnic based violence.  Observers who seem to be familiar with his policies and their implementation say that his administration does not tolerate ethnic based discrimination – let alone violence. Indeed, there appeared to be no reports of ethnic violence since he started running the region as president. There was a recent incident involving clashes between Somali region security and Oromia region security but it was reportedly linked to the “border” dispute as the latter are reportedly attempting “territorial expansion” in that direction too. 

Mustafa Mohammed’s administration in emergency response in the region including natural disasters is also among the remarkable achievements that won him the support of the people. Even outside of the Somali region, it is noticeable that he is considered as ethical, intelligent and not one of the ruling Prosperity Party breeds. 

However, there have been rumors that Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed wants to replace him for reasons not known to date. Ismaiel Gorse, an ethnic Somali who is familiar with the politics in the region, seems to confirm, indirectly, that Abiy intends to remove Mustafa. In an interview with EVN Ethiopia, he also remarked about other issues in the region and in the rest of Ethiopia.

Watch his interview below : 

Video : embedded from EVN Ethiopia YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Subject: “Abiy Ahmed intending to remove Somali region president?” November 18, 2023

    ha) It does not matter who is removed and replaced by another.
    hu) We Black Africans have our own way of ‘existing’, ‘not living’
    he) We claim to own Black Africa but in reality colonial powers have the saying.
    ha One wonders where all the modern education evaporated.
    hie Or was is it just an exercise in futility
    hi) I tend to believe it, with sadness, based on life time observation.
    ho) WE BLACK AFRICANS CAN’T HELP WHO & WHAT WE ARE. No doubt about it.
    —–THE END—-

  2. First, Mustafa come to post neirher through mreit nor through ethical and democratic means but he was solely handpicked by Abiy himself . If he removes him in the blink of eye now for poltical or perdonal convience , it doesnt make any difference for population in the region. Mustafa Omara may not be as much sadist and narural buffoon torturer or ignoramus like his notorious predecessor of Abdi Omar Ilay , but he not saint either. Curruption, financial
    and admintrative malfeasance and clanism are rampant as ever in the region to point of delevepmental, economic and adminstration stagnation in the whole region. The only hope and prayers for his departure are he couldn’t impossibly handpick and replace with worse minion cadre.


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