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TPLFites, Mike Hammer and other enablers are Enjoying their Best Days, while Abiy Ahmed is Bleeding the Country

Ethiopia_ Abiy Ahmed
Over 1.5 million Ethiopian had been killed over the past few years

By Dr. Hanfere Abdisa Aga

After a brutal three-round of war that killed over a million people in the country, TPLFites, and their enablers, like Mike Hammer of the US, are enjoying their victory after the successful Pretoria agreement deal.   In the first round of war with the government forces, TPLFites lost the battle in only three weeks. They fled to the desert to hide for time to re-think, re-plan, and reorganize. After eight months, they regained momentum and forced the government forces to leave Tigray using the so-called Alula operation. In the second round of war, they marched on the way to 4-kilo Addis Ababa until to the outskirts of Debre Birhan, only to lose significant hundreds of thousands of their forces as carnage all over the course from Kobo to northern Shewa mountainous regions. Their enablers have assisted the TPLF/TDF forces with satellite data, food, logistics, and many other ways, like pressuring Abiy Ahmed to leave the country, using propaganda from every major media network, etc., but they all lost it big. TPLFites lost the ground war. Jeffery Feltman lost the diplomatic war. Then, the enablers obliged the TPLFites to return to Mekele due to changes in plans and strategies. After preparing for some time, the TPLFites relaunched the third round of war. This time, to gain some bargaining power, they still lost the battle until they were to be destroyed forever. In that instant, General Tsadikan’s SOS call to the Heritage Foundation got massive attention from the enablers of TPLFites, and they came to rescue them in the name of the Pretoria agreement. Actually, after the defeat of TPLF forces in the second round of war, the Americans changed their strategy and alliance in the country. Instead of depending on the weak TPLFites, they included the Orommmuma elites. They sent this charming guy called Mike Hammer, who managed to re-marry the two ethnic-based political gangsters. This strategy worked, and now Mike Hammer and TPLFites delight in the results of their efforts. This piece reflects on a few things and why they delight themselves.

1. They managed to separate Abiy Ahmed Ali from all his strong supporters. 

He is isolated. He is a wounded person running here and there. They have got their revenge on him. His primary support was from the majority Ethiopian-loving people, the Amhara Prosperity Party, the Eritreans, the majority diaspora, and so on. Most of these are now against him. He is alone. He is like a wounded animal. He is bleeding. He is suffering from the inside out. He is showing a naked king. His recent speeches are revealing. Every day, he utters bizarre things. Most of the time, he contradicts himself. He points towards others; for all the things he accuses his listeners of, he is the one to be blamed. He enjoyed several victories over them using his vast support group. However, he was ungrateful and unfaithful to his alliances and tried to play both ways; the enemies played him well. His enemies are delighted. They manage to separate him. They got him alone. Now, he is in their hands, and they only play their game using their remote control.

2. Eritreans who supported Abiy are now Betrayed big. 

The participation of Eritrean forces to help Abiy and Ethiopian forces was enormous in the three rounds of war. In the first round of war, Eritrea received the members of the Northern Command who fled away from the attack of TPLF on the night of November 4. They equipped them and fought by their side towards Mekele from many directions. Even the military forces that were stationed in Wolkait, which were also saved by the bravery of Amhara special forces and Fano from the inside coup of the TPLFites, could not march to Tigray from Humera side without the help of Eritrean troops. Their forces were instrumental in dismantling TPLFites in a very short period. Even the prominent TPLFites like Seyum Mesfine were annihilated by the Eritrean forces. Remember, TPLFites were firing missiles at Asmara at the start of the recent conflicts. Eritreans claim that is an invitation for them to participate in the war.   In the second round of war, Eritreans marched to many parts of the northern parts of Tigray, which pressured TPLFites partly to lose the war in that round too. In the third round of war, Eritrean forces were almost on the outskirts of Mekele to finish the job, to take out all the TPLFite leaders once and for all,  who were hiding in Mekele at that time. It cost them many of their best men to come to that point. However, the Eritreans were betrayed by the very man they helped, Abiy Ahmed, due to a hidden agreement with Mike Hammer that resulted in the Pretoria arrangement. Eritrea has paid a lot in the three rounds of war. Now Abiy has given them back, and even every day, he is claiming to go to war with Eritrea for the sake of getting port and Red Sea presence. It was evident in the recent gathering of African leaders in Saudi Arabia, where Esaias and Abiy did not hold a separate meeting, showing their rift. This is another delight for the TPLFites and their enablers; the boy king has fallen to their bait in betraying Eritrea.

3. The Amhara forces, both Fano and the Amhara special forces, are suffering. 

In the agreement, it was TPLFites who were supposed to disarm. But after the Pretoria-Nairobi-Halala Kela meetings of the Abiy and TPLF people, the Amhara special forces were the first to disarm after the Pretoria agreement. When the people resisted to do so, Abiy sent his military power to the Amhara region. People say that he sent his army to the Amhara region to crush the resistance so that he could give Wolkait and Raya to TPLFites. Now, he is in a full-fledged war with the FANO forces in the region. He is bombing the area using artillery, BMs, Z-23, jets, and drones. Civilians are shelled indiscriminately to break FANO’s widespread support across the region. Now, the region is out of Abiy Ahmed’s control. His party control over the area is now history. Effectively, it is rooted out of the minds and hearts of the people. He might even lose his power on the national stage at any moment. Who is now advising Abiy Ahmed? It is said that the generals of TPLFites are the ones who are telling him and his incompetent military Generals to do every act of evil across the Amhara region: shelling churches, killing civilians, raping women, and so on. Remember, the TPLFites had networks in the area from before, and now they use those people to divide the resistance in the region by paying some mercenaries and cadres, allowing the Amhara people to kill each other. Who is laughing at these gross events except the TPLFites and their enablers? They should be enjoying it right now. This immature power menace has betrayed the Amhara people, who defended his regime from TPLFites adults.

4.  The Diasporas, which supported the Abiy government, are betrayed. 

During the first three years of Abiy Ahmed, the diaspora stood by him in many ways: morally, psychologically, and most importantly, economically. In digital and public diplomacy as well as propaganda war across the media and social media, the diaspora fought hard 24-7 for his regime to win the many front wars: GERD diplomacy, Global-regional-local diplomacy, Exposing TPLFites crimes, Pressurizing world powers using #NoMore movement. Abiy enjoyed that to its fullest. Just before he betrayed the very supporters he had across the globe. He started it by aborting justice: releasing war criminals and other human rights violators. He then blocked the #NoMore movement that was to be in Addis Ababa, which was the genesis of giving back to the diaspora. Since then, he has made tremendous mistakes and faults advised by the same people that forced the diaspora community to complain and murmur a lot about him. Even now, many are aligned against his government in many ways. This is a victory for Mike Hammer. This guy has amassed massive success in his mission. He even has some of these diasporas on his side. He is holding different meetings across the spectrum. At one time, he took selfies in Mekelle with TPLFites; another time, he met Abiy and his team in Addis Ababa. He brings the two to Pretoria! He then meets so-called Amhara representatives in the USA. Then, he even tries to negotiate with Jal Marro and the government military generals together in Tanzania. He is quite a chameleon. What a success! What a delight for TPLFites, too!

5. The Ethiopian Military lost it big

The military, led by most Oromo generals, crushed the TPLFites forces during the three-round war. They used drones from the UAE to carnage the hundreds of thousands of TDF/TPLF forces. The military worked together with Afar, Amhara, and Eritrean forces to crush their dreams and ambitions. But after the Nairobi meeting, following Pretoria, the Military generals joined Abiy Ahmed Ali in betraying their supporters. They went to the Amhara region to fight with those who cared for them. The people in the area helped them during that dark time, the troublesome three rounds of war. The military has now fought more than five rounds of combat with FANO forces in the region. They are committing crimes against humanity daily. They are now the most hated and mocked institution in the country. Everyone is laughing at them. Above all, the military is being humiliated every day. The army went there to disarm people in the region. But now the reverse has happened. The military is disarming itself for FANO at an alarming rate. What a delight for the TPLFites to see that force crumbling like anything. Right now, the military is undermined by the TPLfites and their enablers. They are preparing it for another war with Eritrea under the very advice of the generals they used to fight against. 

In all these five points, the big-time loser in gambling is Abiy Ahmed Ali. Of course, Ethiopians from all walks of life are suffering due to an immature person who used several internal and external factors to come to power. There is one best way to solve the problem. To take the power away from him before we lose the whole country.

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