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Residents of Kore Zone South Ethiopia Region complain of mistreatment inflicted on them by administration

Kore Zone South Ethiopia
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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Residents of Alfacho Kebele in Kore Zone of South Ethiopia Region told Addis Maleda that they have been arrested and abused for the mere reason of demanding their rights.

According to one of the residents of Alfacho Kebele who wanted to remain anonymous, the Woreda, which was established based on the newly implemented structure, does not target the Kebeles in the Zone and will not bring about development to them, Addis Maleda said.

The newly established Woreda is 250 kilometres away from Kore Zone, and since a road from the Kebele to the Zone has not been built, the local residents are forced to use an access road built manually. A person who wants to ride on a motorbike will have to pay 4,000 birr for the transport service.

“A farmer who wants to go to the Woreda Town for personal issues may be expected to sell his plot of land in a bid to get money for transport. If not, he will have to walk for more than two days,” the anonymous individual said.

The residents have thus forwarded their request to the Zonal administration regarding the problem they are facing. But they reportedly were not accepted positively. They were rather arrested and tortured, according to the news source. 

The anonymous source said the Zonal Security forces have come with a list of 40 individuals including him. So far 16 people have been arrested, according to him.

Other residents said that teachers are among those who have been arrested. The Zonal officials are accusing them of initiating the people. “You are the ones who motivate the farmers, who do not have any idea on these things,”

Another resident told Addis Maleda that the officials are bothering the people by compelling them to solicit 200,000 birr from at Kebele level to the returnees of the defence force.

People are complaining that the distance of the newly established Woreda Town is very far away from rural Kebeles. Moreover, they are not conducive to facilitating development activities of the community, according to the sources. The Zonal administration and the Arba-Minch Regional Council that were reportedly asked for a solution have not come up with further explanation.

There are more than 85 thousand residents in all Kebeles of the Zone. They are voicing their demand to be heard by the concerned body. “We need a positive reaction to our grievances. We need the concerned body to consider our development demand,” they said.

The repeated attempts made by Addis Maleda    to include the responses of the chief administrator of Kore Zone, Tarekegn Bekele and head of the Regional Prosperity Party, Timotios Bekele, were unsuccessful. 


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