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Over 3,500 people died in traffic accidents

Ethiopia Traffic accident
Photo : file/ SM

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Road Safety and Insurance Fund Service disclosed that 3,577 people died in traffic accidents and more than 10,000 people suffered serious and minor injuries last Ethiopian Fiscal Year alone.

Chief Executive Officer of Road Safety and Insurance Fund Service, Jamal Abbaso told Ethio FM Radio that his office conducted three rounds of inspection work across the country last year on more than 8.2 million vehicles.

Jemal said that 238 thousand vehicles that violated traffic rules and regulations were fined.

He further said that the traffic accident, which claims lives of 10 people on a daily basis, needs greater attention and should be included in the education system.

The Road Safety and Insurance Fund Service held a discussion recently with officials and experts drawn from media institutions in regional and city administrations, as well as with those working on the sector to ensure road safety.

A media forum has also been established and those who have been engaged in the media sector have been asked to pay due attention to road safety. 


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  1. Subject: “Over 3,500 people died in traffic accidents” November 15, 2023

    a). I am sad to say, the Article is full of promisee

    b). The question is why did it happen in the first place???????

    c). After all, traffic laws and application are not just new phenomenon in Ethiopia.

    d). Or, is it new????

    e). Let us admit: responsible and far-sighted people will NOT go into lawlessness

    f). The Ethiopian case is a fee atmosphere for lawlessness.

    g). Only irresponsible authorities will face what Ethiopia is deeply submerged.

    h). Let us accept with dignity that the horrible acts were the product of naked lawlessness.

    i). Ethiopia has always been a free for all when it comes to discipline on road transport.

    j) The consequence of which we see it. ‘TODAY’

    k). Let us hope Ethiopians are NOT against discipline and law abiding atmosphere.

    l). WE HOPE “TOMORROW” will be better.
    ——————— WE SHALL. SEE ————


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