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The U.S. working to bring about change in Ethiopia? Desirable?


The Ethiopian American Civic Council, a U.S.-based Ethiopian-American organization, revealed this week that the U.S. government is working to bring about change in Ethiopia.

Diakon Yosef Teferi, Chairperson of the Ethiopian American Civic Council, mentioned having had a meeting in the Senate last week, which involved ten Diaspora Ethiopian organizations. According to Diakon Yosef, who was interviewed by EVN Ethiopia, the discussions covered issues such as the war in the Amhara region, the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and the challenges hindering Ethiopia’s recovery from the conflict.

He expressed enthusiasm that civic organizations are collaborating and are optimistic about achieving positive outcomes.

Furthermore, it is implied that the United States is “working for change” due to its own national interests possibly being at risk if Ethiopia were to collapse.

Considering the history of U.S. involvement in Ethiopian politics and the damage it brought about from which Ethiopia failed to recover from, particularly supporting the TPLF since its guerrilla days, it is important to question the desirability of foreign intervention in resolving Ethiopia’s issues. Is it right?! Will such intervention lead to lasting solutions? Is it ethically justified seen from the history of Ethiopia? Share your thoughts in the comment section after the video section below.

Video : embedded from EVN Ethiopia YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Ethiopian diaspora must be constant in their stands regarding Ethiopia political independence from influences of foreign powers. Its hypocritical to use Ethiopian name as a shield to advance narrow political interests of specific groups that does not represent whole Ethiopians. How can you go and ask American government to bring changes in Ethiopian politics? Or interfere in internal affairs of independent and sovereign country?


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