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Abiy Ahmed Gov’t Plans to Conclude War in Amhara Region Within Two Weeks, Engage in Negotiations with Fano after operation 

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Abiy Ahmed (file/Citizen)


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government is planning to conclude the war in the Amhara region within two weeks and initiate negotiations once the Fano force is supposedly weakened to the point that it cannot continue the armed struggle, according to sources.

Anchor Media reported on Monday that his government has plans to take “measures” against key Fano leaders and engage in extensive military activity to weaken the group before entering into negotiations.

The source, claiming to have sources within Ethiopia, further stated that Abiy Ahmed has expressed his belief to those in his close circles that Fano needs to be significantly weakened before starting negotiations. He has reportedly ordered an all-out military operation in the Amhara region and given directions for the operation to be completed within two weeks.

On Sunday, the Amhara regional president released a statement saying that there will not be a winner in the war in the Amhara region and called on people to support the government’s efforts to combat Fano, which it described as a “group operating in the name of Fano.” The president stated that it is impossible to combat the group in the region only through a government security structure.

The sources also added that authorities in the Amhara region have proposed to Abiy Ahmed to negotiate with Fano as quickly as possible, but he has ignored their calls.

His government intends to complete the military operation in the Amhara region within two weeks after declaring a State of Emergency in the region in early August 2023. Local media outlets are reporting that the war between government troops and Fano forces is raging in most parts of the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed is expected to appear in the Ethiopian parliament within a few hours from now.

Negotiation with the Militant Oromo Nationalist Group – OLF Shane

Abiy Ahmed’s government is currently negotiating with the group calling itself the “Oromo Liberation Army,” a group designated by the Ethiopian parliament as a terrorist organization linked to the massacre of tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians in the Amhara region. Another point raising eyebrows, including from opposition parties, is that Ethiopian Army leaders are representing the Ethiopian government in the negotiation taking place in Tanzania, thereby compromising the neutrality of the Defense Force in political affairs.

Sources believed to be close to the radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist group report that the negotiation in Tanzania has shown positive development, and an agreement is expected. The government did not disclose to the public that it is negotiating with the group, and the terms of the negotiations were unknown.


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  1. The dictator in Eritrea is behind the war in the Amhara region and wants to use the Amhara forces to overthrow the government of Abiy Ahmed. On the other hand the other regional power Tigray will be forced to intervene among others to defend Oromia which is its gift to the Oromo people. Tigray intervention is not to defend the government but secure Oromia which is under threat by the Amhara forces.

  2. Oromia can defend itself, but no need right now. Busy fixing Ethiopia who was damaged and destroyed by TPLF and some Amhara gangs, short memory is bad You just forgot that you lost 3 wars in just 2 years? you are still trying to heal, how on earth you defend Oromia? I understand we have lots of wheat and milk related food in Oromia and happy to share, but no lies and miscalculation please.

  3. What a crap! Tigray a regional power? Oromia Tplf gift to Oromo? Oromo qeeroo it was that kicked Tplf in the behind that ended the latter hiding in caves. You already forgot that?


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