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Oromia Regional Government says it working to “ensure lasting peace in the Region”

Oromia regional gov't

By Staff Reporter 

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Regional Government of Oromia has announced that it is determined to resolve the conflicts in the Region through peaceful means, according to a report disseminated by VoA. 

Head of Communications Bureau of the Oromia Region, Hailu Adugna, said in a statement he made recently focusing on activities of the first quarter of the year that all sections of the society must play a positive role in order to achieve lasting peace in the Region. Hailu also said that efforts are being made to provide treatment to areas where the outbreak of malaria and cholera epidemic occurred.

VoA quoted Hailu Adugna as saying that this year, 9.2 million hectares of farming land would be covered with different crops and 265 million quintals of production would be expected from the Meher farm. He said that higher yield or over 44 million quintals is expected from rice farming. Some 2.6 million hectares of land will also be covered with summer wheat this year, according to the official.

Regional Head of the Communication Bureau indicated in his statement about the plan the Regional Government is working on to ensure lasting peace in the region.  

Haileu said, “in order to ensure lasting peace in Oromia, the Regional Government will work hard. Hands stretched out for peace do not bend. They can’t be bent,” he said. Stating that the efforts to achieve peace in a peaceful way will continue, Hailu asked for the positive role of various sections of the community. “We should work hard so that differences should be resolved peacefully,” said the official, adding that the other side must also work for peace in due commitment.

Hailu has also raised concerns about the cholera and malaria epidemics that have occurred widely in the region. According to him, Cholera hit seven towns and 83 Woredas in 11 Zones of the region affecting 10 thousand people. He said that apart from controlling the disease, two million people have been given preventive vaccines and medicine to hold the epidemic from spreading.

Regarding the widespread malaria epidemic in Oromia, Hailu mentioned that the epidemic occurred in seven Oromia Zones. He said that over 600,000 people were diagnosed with the disease and received treatment. He also stated that various activities have been carried out to prevent the spread of the disease, including distribution of mosquito nets. 


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  1. This is good news and should be supported by all of us. It will go well as long as some high-level officials stop moving their jaws spitting one infuriating statement after another. They need to grow up. I tell those young people who were bamboozled by connivers to take to the bushes that the longer they stay there, the more chance they have to create despots who will demand a zebra from a lioness and a goat from a leopard. They are being led by sworn bigots who are now warlords and will continue to be so if they ever succeeded. So go back home to your parents and loved ones. You have made enough statement. Go home!!!!


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