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Tigray: Attempted Prison Break in Mekelle, Four Inmates Killed

Prison Break Mekelle
Mekele Prison Gate (Photo : DW Amharic )


Chaos reportedly erupted in Mekelle prison, northern Ethiopia, this past Saturday at 5:30 P.M., resulting in the reported death of four inmates and injuries to nine others. The DW Amharic report indicated that the specific cause of the chaos remains unspecified.

The four inmates were reportedly shot and killed by prison guards, and their deaths were confirmed at the scene.

Additionally, seven prison guards are reportedly wounded, with some of them in serious condition.

Prison authorities claimed they took measures in response to prisoners attempting to escape, as confirmed by Commander Amanuel Fisseha, coordinator of the prison facility.

He stated that around 125 prisoners attempted to break the prison gate with the aim of escaping.

The chaos persisted on Sunday, prompting prison authorities to call in the region’s anti-riot police. Calm was reportedly restored following their intervention.

DW Amharic also reported families of the inmates waiting outside the prison gate on Monday. Abdit Teke, whose brother is a prisoner at Mekelle Prison, expressed concern, saying, “I came to ensure the safety of the inmates after the violence started. I have not yet seen my brother, who was arrested. I am waiting in line for my turn. No one should be harmed. The rights of prisoners should be observed in accordance with the law, and their guards should not be harmed too…”

Assassination attempt

In a related development, an Eritrean news source, Tesfa News, on Saturday reported an assassination attempt against Beyene Mekru, whom the source described as a senior member of the Tigray Interim Administration.

It was said that Beyene Mekru, who used to be a central committee member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), supported Getachew Reda, president of the Interim government, in the alleged recent division within the TPLF. He is reportedly at Ayder Hospital in Mekelle, but it is unclear if his condition is life-threatening.


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