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Ethiopia, Germany Expected to Sign Agreement This Month 

Ethiopia Germany Aid
The meeting between representatives of Government of Ethiopia and of Government of Germany (Photo : PD)


Ethiopia and Germany are expected to sign a development agreement at the end of this month. The Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia disclosed this week that there was a “preparatory meeting for Ethio-Germany government negotiations.”

The meeting was intended to have a thorough discussion and reach a “common understanding” of the expected agreement.

Representatives from both sides attended it. State Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Semereta Sewasew, and officials from the Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Labor, and Skills, and Justice were present on the Ethiopian side.

Mr. Benjamin Tedla Hecker, on behalf of the Head of Development Cooperation, represented the Republic of Germany in the meeting, according to disclosure from the Ministry.

The government of Germany has identified three broad priority areas – according to a press release from the Ministry of Finance.

  • Peaceful and inclusive societies
  • Transformation of agricultural and food systems
  • Sustainable economic development, training, and employment

The context of the notion of “inclusive society” is unspecified. In some African countries, there have been resistances to the imposition of new values, including same-sex marriage advocacy. It is illegal in many African countries, including Ethiopia.

The amount of fund Germany is spending undisclosed.

Ahmed Shede, far right, poses for a picture with head of Saudi Fund For Development, in the Middle, in Riyadh. The far left is Ethiopian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Lencho Bati (Photo : PD)

In a related development, Minister for Finance, Ahmed Shede, this week held discussions with “senior officials of Saudi Fund for Development at their office in Riyadh,” the Ministry has disclosed.

Existing development projects in Ethiopia were discussed, and the Saudi Fund For Development reportedly “expressed their commitment to support Ethiopia’s future infrastructure and development activities in the region.” Mr. Shede was in Riyadh as part of the Prime Minister’s delegation to the first-ever Saudi-Africa summit.


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