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Ethiopia, Mekelle : 5K Charity Run for Fremnatos Organization 

Fremnatos Charitable Organization 5K Mekelle
The 5K running event in Mekelle, Tigray region of Ethiopia (Photo : PD)


A five-kilometer run was organized in Mekelle, the seat of the Tigray regional administration, for a charitable cause. Fremnatos Charitable Organization partnered with the interim government and the Health Office in the region to organize the event, according to state media sources.

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) reported on Sunday that the event aimed to support elders, children, and those living with mental health issues.

The proceeds from the event will go towards supporting Fremnatos Recovery Center, a charitable organization working with children, elders, and mental health patients.

Geteachew Reda waves flag starting the event in Mekelle (Photo : Public Domain)

Getachew Reda, Interim President of the region, kicked off the event. He conveyed the message, “All should support compatriots who are vulnerable to dire socio-economic problems,” according to the source. 

EBC cited Aba Gebremedhin Berhe, Director of the Fremnatos Center, as saying that the center currently supports over 300 elders and children.

Fremnatos Elders, Mentally Disabled & Children Charity Organization aims to support over 2,000 people. The charitable organization has already secured 43,000 square meters of land in Mekelle and plans to build a facility at a cost of three billion Ethiopian birr to cater to the needs of 2,000 individuals.


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