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Eritrean Soldiers Speak Out from front lines 


The video shared below is from August of this year. It gives a glimpse of the discipline within the Eritrean Army and ideological sharpness. Their views on aid and their understanding of U.S. interest seems to reveal the effort the Eritrean government put into creating awareness in the army. 

Video : embedded from BreakThrough News YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Yes, ER are much better than stupid OR.OPDO goons are laying siege on the people of Addis Ababa, thinking that the Amhara (neftegna according to them) dominate…but there are hundred other ethnic groups in AA. Besides, who said the the so-called oromia map given to you by your surrogate tplf is valid and acceptable….Free the people of AA from the wrath of oro goons!


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