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Abiy Ahmed & Oromo PP:Desecrating & Threatening to Destroy Ethiopia’s Holiest & UNESCO Site,Lalibela

Ethio Chronicles

Abiy Ahmed and Oromo PP are on a ruthless mission to eradicate the Amharas. They have set their sights on the holiest site and heritage of Lalibela, a picturesque town nestled within the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Lalibela’s rich historical and spiritual significance has attracted travelers from all corners of the globe. Located in the heart of the Lasta district within the North Wollo Zone, Lalibela is a testament to the incredible achievements of human craftsmanship and devotion.

These astonishing architectural marvels, carved directly from the living rock, have rightfully earned the town the prestigious status of a UNESCO World Heritage site. The intricate and awe-inspiring churches, each meticulously carved into the rugged terrain, leave visitors in a state of profound wonder. Lalibela is a place where faith, history, and human ingenuity converge, and for Christians, it holds an unparalleled position of reverence as one of Ethiopia’s holiest sites.

But now, Abiy Ahmed and Oromo PP’s actions threaten to desecrate this sacred place, casting a shadow of anger and despair over a site that should be preserved and respected. Their destructive agenda must be condemned in the strongest terms.

Video : embedded from Ethio Chronicles YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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