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Lalibela : Fano militia forces make strategic retreat from Lalibela town, gov’t forces recapture it

Lalibela (Photo : AFP/file)


Fano militia forces withdrew from Lalibela town in North Ethiopia on Thursday as government soldiers recaptured it after a day under the control of the militia forces.

EVN Ethiopia spoke to residents from Lalibela who confirmed the news. According to the report, casualties on the part of Ethiopian government troops were heavy. The hospital in the town is said to be “full” of wounded soldiers. There were reported casualties on the part of Fano militias as well, but the number is unspecified.

Most parts of Lalibela town came under Fano forces on Wednesday following intense fighting that lasted for hours. Government soldiers retained control over the airport, which is located a few kilometers outside of the town.

Ethiopian Airlines suspended flights to and from Lalibela, and as of now, the flights have not resumed.

Fano forces have reportedly managed to set prisoners free from the prison facility in the town.

The Ethiopian government has not made any remarks about the situation in Lalibela.

Residents have been expressing concern for the safety of the 12th-century rock-hewn churches in Lalibela, as government forces heavily relied on artillery shelling in the fight against Fano forces. His Grace Abune Ermias, archbishop of North Wollo, has confirmed that the churches are in great danger, as reported by Addis Maleda.

Abiy Ahmed’s administration declared a six-month-long state of emergency in August to intensify military operations against Fano forces in the Amhara region. Initially, the plan was to complete the operation within two weeks.

Four months after the operation, there is still military operation in the region. Reports from local sources indicate that Fano forces are fighting a tactical battle and have stretched government forces across the region. All zones in the region are experiencing fighting between Fano and Ethiopian government forces.

Human Rights organizations have been reporting widespread rights abuses in the region by government soldiers, including extrajudicial killings and drone attacks targeting civilians.

Internet has been shut down in the region for nearly six months now.


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  1. Retreat to do what next? Start another clash and send those gullible young people to their deaths? When are we gonna learn from our own past war binges? Didn’t we realize that the longer a stupid conflict drags on the more people will die, physically and emotional injured for life where public and civilian properties will be destroyed? When will we grow up? Here what could have happened when forces of both sides come into town and leave what is not usually mentioned in the story. When those fighting the regime forces come into town, they don’t just march in waiving olive branch. They will make sure the town is clean of those who may turn lethally hostile to them on a dime. That has been the routine in both Oromia and Amhara regions. Next is the regime’s forces turn. They come to town in full force to eject the rebels in which human lives will be lost. That is usually followed by house-to-house searches to smoke out what they call enemy’s ‘sleeper cells’ and in the process many civilians will lose their lives and others will disappear in thin air. So, these senseless deaths and destruction will go on in vicious cycles of assault and withdrawals. That is what you get when stupid conflicts are started by stupid individuals.


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