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Ethiopia’s Trade Ministry Takes Action Against 37 Businesses

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Ethiopia’s Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration revealed on Friday that it has taken measures against 37 entities for alleged non-compliance with regulations. The ministry’s concise update on its social media page highlighted these violations occurring within the initial three months of the current Ethiopian budget year. 

Out of 402 businesses inspected, 365 were found to be operating in accordance with the law. The 37 businesses subject to “administrative measures” were allegedly found to have committed offenses such as failure to renew licenses, engaging in activities for which they lacked proper licenses, and operating businesses at locations different from those declared.

However, the nature of the administrative measures taken was not specified, and the businesses implicated in rule violations were not disclosed. It means that what the 37 entities facing administrative measures for non-compliance had to say about the allegation is unknown leaving the reasons behind “violations” and their responses unaddressed.

Growing dissatisfaction over government taxation, particularly in conflict-affected areas such as the Amhara region, has been observed. Shortly after concluding the two-year devastating war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Abiy Ahmed’s administration initiated a campaign in the Amhara region, ostensibly aimed at ‘disarming Fano forces.’

Recently, the Amhara region announced that it collected only 6.2 billion birr in taxes during the first three months of the budget year, falling significantly short of the targeted 17.9 billion birr. Ongoing conflicts between Fano militias and government forces have substantially impacted economic activity in the region. 


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