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Ethiopian PM Abiy’s Insatiable Thirst for Violence: Imminent War With Eritrea

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Abiy’s impulsive decision to potentially engage Ethiopia in a conflict over port-related issues is profoundly disapproved by Ethiopians, who stand resolutely against it. The ruling Prosperity Party and Abiy’s erratic and unpredictable policies and decisions have placed Ethiopia in a precarious position, where it cannot afford to be embroiled in yet another conflict.

The enthusiastic and widespread support for the 2018 peace agreement in both Ethiopia and Eritrea vividly underscored their unwavering commitment to avoiding war and violence. This serves as a poignant reminder of the myriad opportunities that went unrealized – opportunities for saving lives, fostering economic growth, and experiencing the possibilities that could have emerged, had an alternative path been selected.

Many Ethiopians believe that the nightmare of continuous violence and bloodshed will persist until Abiy and the Prosperity Party are removed from power.

Video : embedded from Ethio Chronicles YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. O God save us from the vengeance of a narcissist who feels rejected by the people. Let those close to him see through this psychosis and do something to save Ethiopia from another round of war involvng oromos-tplf on one side and other Ethiopians-Eritrea on the other side, with the univited filthy arabs helping their goons. May God descend on our land and do something to free us from the terrible cycle of killling this sick individual has wrath upon us…O God save us…


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