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The number of Ethiopian journalists opting for exile on the rise

Solomon Alemu- Ethiopian Journalist
Solomon Alemu, editor, Fana Broadcasting Corporate (source SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Four journalists who were working for party affiliated media outlets, which are managed by the ruling party have fled the country, sources said.. 

Wazema reported here yesterday that at least thirteen private media and web page journalists have fled the country over the last six months. Although taking up exile by local journalists seems  to be cool off for the last 20 years, it has now been relapsed. Recently four journalists from Fana Broadcasting corporate and Ethiopian Broadcast Corporation (EBC) left the country, Wazema said.

Solomon Alemu, who has served Fana Broadcasting Corporate for nearly twenty years at various positions, has applied for asylum in the United States a few weeks back. Solomon was sent to America for work a few months ago. He flew back home in the middle, but left again for America before his visa expired and reportedly filed a request for asylum there. Solomon Alemu served Fana Broadcasting Corporate starting from the position of reporter to sector director. He served the Corporate as head of the news desk since it launched transmission of television service, according to Wazem.

Mekoya Hailemariam, who was in charge of leading Fana’s digital media, has sought asylum in England. Mekoya has worked at Fana Broadcasting Corporate for more than 15 years starting from the lowest level to the senior position of director of the digital sector.

Mekoya Hailemariam had studied for his master’s degree in England and served Fana Broadcasting Corporate for years. However, he returned to England and sought asylum a few weeks ago.

Tesfaye Kebede, a journalist who served Fana Television as an editor, has recently gone to America for training. Tesfaye has not returned back home, according to Wazema.

 A journalist, Mekides Tilahun,  who served EBC at various positions for long years travelled  to the United States accompanying President Sahilework Zewde to cover an agriculture-related conference in that country, disappeared from the airport in the United States, Wazema said.

Two friends of the runaway journalists whom Wazema talked to said that this was (the exile) caused by practices of partiality and ethnic politics witnessed in their respective workplaces. They commented that the journalists who have taken up the exile did not want to miss the opportunity they got to travel to foreign countries. Attempts made by Wazema to include the comments of the exiled journalists were unsuccessful. 


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  1. There will be more journalists who will use every chance they get to come here because they have seen how others before them who came here and found wealth they never imagined by talking and pushing war and destruction. Remember these were journalists who were so entrusted by the regime there that they were hand picked to accompany the president of the country. Others were enthusiastic members of the press who used to paint rosy picture of the governing regime present and past. Political asylum, who is eligible or not, is not like it used to be. It looks now that anyone can come here and talk bad about a seated regime and apply for political asylum. Then a human rights lawyer will take over and you will be allowed to stay and work until your case is finalized. That may take years. Meanwhile you will open up a YouTube channel or other social media platform spilling beans about the regime you were enthusiastically part of. Subscribers, followers and views will be swarming your channel which means easy gravy leading to riches you never imagined before. Hello Messay, The Abebe’s others like them! You gotta be worried now! You will have fierce competition coming at you!!! One of these Abebe’s is said to be involved in tracking and accumulating IP addresses of every Diaspora he comes across on the websites comment section we all participate. He spends most of his time eave dropping on everyone he likes and does not like. If you have left comment on this or other websites, it is a sure thing that that Abebe has your IP address and may be watching you now. I hope someone will ask law enforcement folks to rein in on him. It is a serious crime of violation of privacy which is protected by the constitution. It cannot be carried out without a warrant from a judge. Such accumulating of IP addresses is said to be the norm with most of the websites we all come to looking for the latest news about Ethiopia. That is wrong and someone should tell them to stop doing that to their entrusting audience. For now, let’s be ready to see these new asylum seekers spilling the beans about their former boss who they used to be in company with. They are too smart to enjoy both sides of the world. They know where it is all easy gravy!!!! So, all of you fools among us! Go ahead and give them the views, the subscriptions and the likes! They need that 3-bedrooms 3-baths house! They need that European model 3-row SUV!! Remember they are asylum seekers who came here on a first-class ticket. You have to support them, you fools!!!!


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