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Forum for Regional Higher Learning Institutions  discloses Universities in Amhara Region will stay closed 

Universities in Amhara region
Bahir Dar University (Photo : Wikipedia)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Due to the ongoing conflict in the Amhara Region, universities will not return to their normal activities anytime soon, Forum for Regional Higher Learning Institutions   disclosed.

General Secretary of the Forum, Asmare Dejen (Dr.), told Voice of America (VoA), Amharic Service that the ten universities in the Region have reached a consensus not to call their students until the peaceful situation in the Region improves.

The General Secretary explained that closure of the road due to the dynamic security situation of the Region, the fact that the universities cannot take responsibility if a conflict arises after students enter the campus, and given the fact that the bodies that provide various services and resources (like meal service) to the universities (that announced the problem they are facing while moving from place to place) were said the basis for the decision made by the Forum.

However, the students VoA talked to said that they would go and report to the universities if they are called for registration. The parents of the students, on the other hand, said they accept the decision made by the Forum. 


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