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Dozens reportedly killed in North Shoa as OLF Shane launched attack in the area

Ethiopia North Shoa _ Shane
Image : screenshot from EVN Ethiopia video


At least 20 civilians from the farming communities near Mekoy are reportedly killed. An EVN Ethiopia report said that an unknown number of others have been injured in the attack. 

Furthermore, the attackers reportedly burned harvested crops roving the farming communities where the attack took place. 

EVN Ethiopia media report indicated that the radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist militant, OLF-Shane, coordinated with Oromia region special forces and the Federal government Defense Force to launch an attack in North Shoa.   From the report, the involvement of the Defense Force was not a direct one. The complaint regarding the defense forces is that it was in a close distance from where the attack happened and could have prevented it. Local residents expressed feeling that it cooperated with the attackers.  

OLD-Shane had attacked Shewa Robit and Ataye areas several times in the past three years to the point that residents in the region felt that the government was part of the orchestrated attack. 

Recent Human Rights Organizations report indicated that the Ethiopian Defense Force carried out extrajudicial executions in that part of the North Shoa. The targets were unarmed civilians. 

In a related devolvement, credible sources have reported on Tuesday that the Ethiopia Defense Force deployed fighter helicopters in a military operation in Ankober, also part of North Shoa. Drone strike hit a school in the area and dozens were reportedly killed including teachers. 

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