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Ethiopia: 67 percent of students who sat for school leaving examination in Tigray Region score passing grades

Tigray high school students
Mai Tsebri secondary school students (Photo : file/UN)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The news that roams around on the result of the school leaving examination of the war-torn Tigray Region has become the talk of the town. People are asking that in other parts of Ethiopia where relative peace reigned during the civil war in the northern part of the country, only 27,000 students out of 840,000 or three percent of those who sat for the examination were said to score passing grades.  

However, in Tigray Region, where schools were demolished, robbed, left out of service… where students were reportedly forced to remain at home or engaged in the recently held bloody war, 66.96 percent of the students reportedly passed the school leaving examination. 

Bystanders (observers) are being heard saying that this is a good experience for students in the Amhara Region, which is currently being shelled by bombs, mortars and military drones, to score better grades… of course, if they stay alive in this unfair war unleashed against them. 

State media reported that 69.96 percent of students who took the 12th grade examination in Tigray Region scored 50 percent or more of passing grades. In Ethiopia, where all the students who took the national exam have failed, it was very surprising to hear such academic results in the war devastated Region. The highest grade, which is 657, was said to be scored by a student from Tigray Region, according to the news source. 

People are heard saying that if it was deliberately done as a special privilege for the war-affected students, it would have been much better to implement free promotion to all. (Of course, the bloody war has also affected students in Amhara and Afar Regions.)

The news disseminated by the Education Bureau of the Interim Administration of Tigray Region has raised dust among the people who are currently waiting for further explanation from the Federal Ministry of Education. In particular, many people are waiting for a briefing to be delivered by chief of the Ministry, Birhanu Nega (professor) who popped out at local television a month back to break the sad news of the failure of over 800,000 young Ethiopian students who sat for the national school leaving examination all over the country except Tigray.

Head of the Education Bureau of Tigray Region, Kiros Giush (Dr.), disclosed in his social media account that 66.96 percent of the students who took the examination scored university entrance grades.

Kiros has also pointed out that 657 is the highest score out of the recorded grades. 

While it is the Ministry of Education that is responsible for the announcement of the result of the national school leaving examination all over the country, it was not made clear why the Head of the Regional Education Bureau has come out to break such news on his Facebook’s page.


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  1. Clue that this is typical Tplf LIE? 1/ 69.96% 2/ regional office announced results, not MoEdu 3/ Tplf is pacifying, rather bribing, the youth to feel better than fellow students elsewhere in the country; tigraway could pass exams without attending regular classes because most schools were destroyed by war Tplf started!

  2. Good job and one redeeming achievement to savor for those young boys and girls who just survived the mother of all wars their region has ever seen! In fact, I am not surprised by their accomplishment because just like those in Eritrea keeping oneself educated by every chance they get is in their psyche. Even during the war years with Mengistu, foreign journalists who visited the bases of both EPLF and TPLF, they were astonished fighter got back to classrooms learning math and other science subjects after coming back from a day of fighting. So, kudos young men and women!!!!

    • Make that: ….they were astonished when they saw fighters getting back to classrooms learning math and other science subjects right after coming back from a day of fighting.

  3. The starement of the regional educational bureau should be ascertained further. It is not all about previlage. TPLF is still trying to do a business, trying to reshape its existence as if it has contributed fir the result.Every Tigraway student can do that. its not as difficult as someone worries. But We were out school for the last 3 terrible years we are suffering from psyco social,economic physical traumas. Schools are burnt everything is destroyed totally. The one who is normal should ask how this could be. Both the Federal and regional governments are gambling in the name of Tigray an Tigraway.


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