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Ethiopia’s ruling party says “Reform underway to create a nation liveable for all” 

Ethiopia ruling party reform
Farah Adem, deputy president of Prosperity Party (Photo : PD)


Prosperity Party, Ethiopia’s ruling party, said that reform works are underway to “create a nation liveable for all.”

Government sources cited Farah Adem, Head of the Party’s office and Deputy President, as saying that four key reforms have been underway in view of international and domestic situations. 

It is during a party training session that he revealed it.  The alleged reforms are not clearly specified. Apparently, the “reform” work has something to do with the way political parties and government are organized, and the political economy formation.

 “Since the government has the responsibility to safeguard the safety and security of citizens, a reform measure that is capable of inclusion of all citizens has been underway,” Mr. Farah has reportedly briefed members of the parliament who are reportedly briefed by the reform underway. 

The purpose of the reform measure is said to be to rescue Ethiopia from the political instability it is facing and improve people’s lives. 

The training given to parliamentarians needs to be taken as input to deliver on their constitutional responsibilities, Mr. Farah is cited as saying. 

When the Prosperity Party was announced about four years ago, hopes were high among Ethiopians that it would transform the governance structure from an ethnic-based one to one that gives room for citizens irrespective of ethnic identity. 

However, the past four years have witnessed further political polarization and radical ethnic nationalism sentiments. Militarization of ethnic nationalism is another distinct feature that characterized the trend. 

The Oromo region of Ethiopia has been especially problematic for non-ethnic Oromos and Oromos alike. Tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians were massacred in the region – which the Ethiopian government links to a group it calls OLF-Shane. 

Apart from the massacres, the group is linked to widespread kidnappings in the region. Freedom of movement has been curtailed and moving from place to place is considered to be a risky business. 

The Federal and regional government has been making claims that it has been battling against the Militant group that calls itself the Oromo Liberation Army. But no tangible result has been achieved. Civilians are still massacred and kidnapped. 

The rise of an armed struggle in the Amhara region of Ethiopia under Fano Forces is partly related to the situation in the Oromia region.  The government imposed a state of emergency in the region in August this year with the aim to disarm FANO forces within two weeks time but the government failed to achieve that either. The war is still going on in the region despite claims from the government that the situation has been restored to normalcy in many parts of the region. 

Apart from the armed conflict in the Amhara and Oromia regions, many of the areas in what used to be Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region have been facing political instability as many zone-level administrations have been pursuing ethnic-based statehood status – a constitutional right granted to many areas. 

It is noticeable that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has lost significant credibility and legitimacy. The initiatives that his government has taken in recent months have received a great degree of skepticism as the majority of Ethiopians seem to see them as strategies to regain public confidence. 


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  1. Abiy Ahmed Orommuma Oromo government doesn’t represent Ethiopia. It’s unfit to rule Ethiopia. Fraudulent anti Orthodox and anti Muslims Abiy Ahmed can’t rule Ethiopia with 65% Orthodox and 35% Muslims Ethiopia. War deaths and destruction has been the strategy of Abiy Ahmed government. Abiy Must Go!!!

    ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS DON’T WANT war, death and destruction mongering demon Abiy Ahmed!

    • According to your slogan, you hate Abiy just because he is Oromo. It is safe and sufficient to stay: “”Abiy Ahmed must go!
      You men cannot hide your ethnic-based propaganda and hate.
      Your blood is boiling over the idea that one ethnic group in Ethiopia is not superior to all other ethnic groups, as you presumed it to be. The majority of you praised Abiy Ahmed as the first Amhara guy to receive the Nobel Prize, and everyone recalls your fantasy. Now that you have removed his cloak and reduced him to the appearance of a helpless animal, all because he did not murder Oromos and Tigrayans the way you had desired, let’s hope that all of you, Fano activists, recover amazingly and miraculously from your incurable illnesses.

  2. Subject: “Ethiopia’s ruling party says “Reform underway to create a nation liveable for all” November 5, 2023

    a) Promise, Promise, Promise, ………….endless Promise

    b) It is the greatest tragedy for a well known, independent, admirable, free country for time immemorial in the world
    has to FALL to such SAD level. ?

    c) In all honesty and frankness, who ever thought that ETHIOPIA [a country of admirable history] will fall to such sad

    d) Who ever thought >>> among the past GREAT- GREATEST ETHIOPIAN LEADERS — would envisage the FALL of
    Ethiopia to such pathetic level of life ?!?!?!

    e) REALLY! Who ever thought around the GLOBE.

    f) If the above facts of Ethiopia are questioned then what guarantee will ever pope out to save Ethiopia ??????

    g) BE HONEST. Ethiopians of the so-called civilized century are absolutely unqualified to save Ethiopia.

    h) If you do NOT believe the above daring conclusion go ahead and start your MYSTERIOUS ACTION , TOMORROW.

    I) Why waste time!? After all Ethiopia is very well known independent country, for time immemorial, until it fell down
    in the face of well known of its own citizens of extra ordinary modern education not less than any country around
    the globe.
    ————————————— THE END —————————————

    Humble Warning:
    If I seem to be too emotional, please forgive me. But I still latch to the fact that Ethiopia is blessed with SUPREMELY EDUCATED & EXPERIENCED citizens that can propel a free country to modern level, based on the interest of Ethiopia itself — as well as its long, long, long pride of history. IT IS NOT ARTIFICIAL PRIDE .

    On the other hand, if Ethiopians refuse to accept such fact, no body can stop Ethiopia from going down the drain of its own history. THAT IS WHAT THEY CALL CLASSICAL TRAGEDY. In case in doubt, it means Ethiopia has to exists voluntarily !?!?!?!?!?!?

    ——————THE END ———————

  3. QUOTE: “Ethiopia’s ruling party says “Reform underway to create a nation liveable for all” UNQUOTE , November 5, 2023

    Humble Commentary, 5 Nov 2023
    a) It is so wonderful to entertain wishful thinking — tuning the mind to the minds of the extremes.

    b) Very sad to say, the current Ethiopia, in 2023, is nakedly useless.

    c) No more the old ETHIOPIA , which was well known as the Greatest Independent Black African Country, the Pride of
    ALL. and challengers to so many there-of

    d) Yes, how could Ethiopians forget the past GLORIOUS Leaders of Ethiopia which they kept In DIGNITY, LIBERTY and
    the ENVY of so many — that can NEVER be denied.

    e) Now, PLEASE, be honest to YOURSELF: How do you compare the past glorious Leaders like Haile Sellasie, Tedros,
    Menelik, Yohannes etc etc etc ……….and keep on reciting until exhaustion. THAT WAS THE GLORIOUS ETHIOPIA !!!

    f) Honorable Ethiopian Readers: Please, ask YOURSELVES >>>> WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?……….and ONLY WHY?

    ————– THE END ————-

    Post script

  4. Did they mention reform ? What reform? Don’t hold your breath! It is all about the routine BS and buying time tactics on the part of Kng Kong Abiy and his baloney, corrupt and out of touch Propertity Party minions. .Ever wonder a single measure reform undertaken so far by Abiy his retrograde PP affiliates– the remnant of the defuct and notorious old OPDO/EPRDF outfit -‘- since their ascent into the highest public office? None whatsoever if not the reverse is true.


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