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The context the Defense Force is betrayed by Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t, Situation in Amhara region


In November 2020, the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force was unexpectedly attacked by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in what the latter called “pre-emptive strike.” At least 3000 Ethiopian Defense Force members were slaughtered in cold blood in many posts of the Northern Command, according to information from Eritrean government which was released this year.

The remaining forces in the North had to retreat to Eritrea with the good will of the Eritrean government where they reorganized for a major counter-offensive against the TPLF forces. The situation was a full-fledged war that lasted for two years. An estimated one million people are believed to have been killed in the Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions in connection with the war.

The Federal government under Abiy Ahmed’s Administration and the TPLF ended the war when they signed the Pretoria agreement in November 2022 – under the auspicious of the African Union but with an apparent dictation from the United States’ government, the motive of which was to rescue the TPLF as a reliable political force. The U.S. Project was successful. Not only TPLF was rescued but also Abiy Ahmed’s Federal government and the TPLF formed what appears to be a political-military alliance to the point that the Ethiopian government ignored the need to ensure that the TPLF is implementing the terms of agreement the linchpin of which was TPLF’s disarmament. It never happened. Sources like The Economist reported this week that the TPLF has at least 200,000 armed fighters at this point. It is also training more forces.

In the context stated above, there is a view that the Federal government has betrayed the Ethiopian Defense Force.

Currently, the Defense Forces is made to find itself in a war situation in the Amhara region fighting Against Fano forces. What is recent about it in the region? Anchor media analysis highlights the situations.

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