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Where is the Eritrean-Ethiopian relation heading to?


After the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made a claim over the Red Sea, essentially by any means possible. A concern for a possible conflict situation between the two countries has been growing. The tone and intensity of conversation over the subject among Ethiopians and Eritreans on social media has also been changing.

On the positive side, Abiy Ahmed’s ostensibly agenda setting speech with the aim to trigger war against Eritrea does not have a currency among Ethiopians as majority see it a political strategy to navigate ever increasing legitimacy crisis. Yet, the regime has managed to make “Red Sea” and “access to the sea” a regular topic of coverage on state owned media outlets which also amplified ruling party cadres and paid social media entrepreneurs with links to the region.

ENV Ethiopia had an interview with Ato Abiyu Birle – who is said to be one of the founding members of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) – and Yohannes Kifle, an Eritrean-American residing the Washington D.C. area.They reflected on historical backgrounds and emerging conversations on the “access to the sea” agenda.

Watch the embedded video below.

Video : embedded from EVN Ethiopia YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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