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Coalition of opposition parties in Tigray calls for inclusive transitional government

Tigray Opposition Parties Ethiopia
Tigray opposition leaders (Photo : file screenshot from EMS video)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – A coalition of three contending parties, ‘Kidan Nsur Bekos Lewti’, made official its demand yesterday for the establishment of an all-Tigrayan transitional government in Tigray Region, sources disclosed.

The newly established coalition, Kidan Nsur Bekos Lewti’ (Kidan),  of parties, Salsai Weyane, Baytona and Freedom for Tigray (Natsinet Tigray), said in a statement it released on November 02, 2023 that “a transitional government that embraces all Tigrians and that can bring about fundamental political change in Tigray should be established”.

Pointing finger at Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) for “causing civil war among the people without drawing lessons from the past,” Kidan called upon the people to line up by the side of contending political parties to stop the plot of destruction orchestrated by TPLF.

“The people of Tigray have made great sacrifices to continue their existence and establish a democratic government. However, people who evacuated their areas have not yet been repatriated and the territorial integrity of the region has not been protected,” Kidan said in its statement.

Accusing TPLF for its failure to re-establish the territorial unity of Tigray, Kidan requested the people to join forces in the struggle to ensure lasting fundamental change.

Leadership members of the Coalition of Tigray’s opposition parties, ‘Kidan Nisur Bekos Lewti’ were arrested last September 2023 in connection with the public rally, and it is to be recalled that those who were out for the rally were injured and imprisoned, according to the report obtained from Tikvah. 


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