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Mr. Jawar Mohamed’s Positive Representation of the Amhara Struggle for Survival

Aklog Birara

I would like to draw your attention to an insightful, truthful and positive representation of what led Amhara to rise-up and defend its very existence. 

Jawar, who I know, did a commendable job giving Amhara nationalism  a positive and democratic image. His interview is especially relevant to Amhara academics and intellectuals on the side lines. 

I agree with Jawar that Amhara individuals, groups  and those who believe in justice and inclusive governance must reject the misrepresentation by ethnic elites and the governing Oromo Prosperity Party that Amhara wants to reclaim state and government control. This is patently false. 

Based on human development indicators, Amhara is among the poorest in Ethiopia. The Amhara region is among the least developed in Ethiopia. 

I also agree with Jawar that the Fano led insurgency is democratic. It is a grassroots and indigenous movement with substantial potential. So, do not suffocate it in any form or shape. Because. it will contribute to a healthy transformation of Ethiopia.

Video : embedded from Hager Bet Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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