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Merawi, Ethiopia: Two civilians reportedly killed 

Merawi Ethiopia
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Two civilians were reportedly killed in Merawi, Gojjam, during clashes between the Ethiopian Defense Force and Fano forces. Fano Forces are volunteer forces in the Amhara region who contributed during the two-year war between the Ethiopian Defense Force and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Fano, as an organization, has historical roots dating back to Ethiopia’s struggle against colonialism.

According to a report from Ethio News, a local news provider based in Addis Ababa, the fighting persisted throughout the entire day on Tuesday.

It remains uncertain whether the civilians lost their lives in the crossfire or were subjected to actions by the Ethiopian Defense Force. Just this week, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission confirmed cases of extrajudicial executions by the Defense Force in parts of the Amhara region.

The Ethiopian government, through the country’s intelligence director, claimed that Fano Forces have been defeated, and normalcy has been restored in various areas. However, reports from local private media outlets suggest that fighting continues in several parts of the Amhara region, where the Ethiopian government imposed a state of emergency six months ago. It’s important to note that the internet has been shut down in the entire region for about five months now, and phone lines are not working in many areas.

After an intense battle, Gaynt in the Gonder area is said to have fallen into the hands of Fano forces. Similarly, towns like Nifas Mewucha and Este Mekane Eyesus, among others, are reported to be under Fano control.

Meanwhile, ongoing clashes are reported in many rural areas within the Amhara region.


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