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Ministry of Education calls for open discussion on problems in the system

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Dr. Berhanu Nega, Minister for Education

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Minister of Education, Professor Birhanu Nega, said while delivering a message to the members of Teachers Association in Jigjiga Town of Somali Region that problems in the education system should openly be discussed and solved jointly.

“As an education sector, the education system is in trouble. Therefore, it is mandatory to solve the problem,” Birhanu said.

“The result we scored in the High School Leaving Examination over the last couple of years shows how problematic the education system is,” the minister said. For this, it is necessary to put a remedy and work on it to solve the problem, according to Professor Birhanu Nega.

In particular, the failure to provide quality education, the marriage of politics and education, the fact that the education leadership is not assigned based on merit but on political stands, the regionalization of education and the general moral failure being witnessed in the country are reportedly the main problems of the education system.

“Thus, in order to bring about change in the education system properly, these fractures must be fixed from the ground up,” Birhanu said.

The Minister of Education said that  efforts are being made to provide practical education from the bottom, to improve the infrastructure of schools, to prepare a special training program for school principals, and to open colleges of education in five universities for teacher training.


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  1. The ministery of education is part and parcel of the whole political system of pp. As a body of government which is canceres head to bottem it unlikely to bring a cure to the education system separately. If you wants to reform the educational system’s you have to have a blue print of the whole country development. In fact the county is to late for a reform. Instead you have to start a revolution and dismantle the outdated tribal politics. The civic organization has to take a roll to form a temporary government which lead to an election in the whole country to buildings a new government. Can we make it that far without peace and security?

  2. The Ministry’s, especially Prof. Berhanu’s effort in boldly speaking about the disastrous situation is commendable.
    However, making the students bear the full weight of the disaster is wrong, is a historic mistake and unethical. It is still not too late for the Ministry to take steps to right its wrongs, by taking the following steps.

    1. change the results of the students who are wrongly declared have failed the national exams, into percentile. This will ensure at least half of the total who took the exams will pass the exams and join higher education institutions without suffering the consequences of misguided decisions.

    2. Stop the outdated practice of forcefully placing the students to universities in places where they legitimately feel unsafe. Students and their parents should not pay the price, as traveling to most regions of Ethiopia has become dangerous. It is the fundamental right of the students to study in institutions closer to their home towns or districts.

    3. Responsibility must be taken for the mismanagement of this crucial sector, the corruption at higher education institutions, the shameful manner in which the preparation of text ‘books’ for elementary and highs school student have been handled, leaving the students with no books or the provision of pseudo, or totally unreadable soft copies, by those who are not even capable of making illegal copies of sentences and words they do not even understand!

  3. Subject: “Ministry of Education calls for open discussion on problems in the system” By Dr. Berhanu Nega, Minister for Education. November 1, 2023

    Dear Sir,
    Let me pose my Humble Opinion,

    a) As Minister of Education, it is in YOUR Hand

    b) It is not only for bringing the subject wide open.

    c) But, it is YOUR leadership to solve the ever lasting problem in the so-called Education System of Ethiopia.

    d) It must be admitted, that is the utmost glaring responsibility bestowed upon you, Dear Excellency.

    e) There is no ‘if and buts’ upon it.

    f) TO REPEAT: In that atmosphere of responsibility, DEAR SIR, the SURVIVAL of Education System of

    g) There is NO — I REPEAT, NO, NO, NO — HIGHER RESPONSIBILITY than the EDUCATION around the
    Glorious WORLD.

    h) But, For mysterious reason, it is THE NEGATION of the above statements the WE BLACK AFRICANS

    i) It is CLASSICAL TRAGEDY, bestowed upon our ‘Dark’ Naturally Rich African Continent, to the envy of
    colonial powers. They succeed in accomplishing their dreams and will continue to achieve their
    COMPLETE GOAL —– only clear to themselves.

    j) On reverse, we black Africans will be complete subservient to the mercy of unlimited envious hungry


    ———————-THE END ————————-


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