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Ex-Child Soldier- Abiy Ahmed, and His Alarming Propensity for Violence

Ethio Chronicle

Over the past three decades, Abiy Ahmed has immersed himself in three brutal Ethiopian Wars, donning different hats in each. His turbulent odyssey kickstarted when he was a mere child, thrust into the chaos of a communist regime, joining an ethnic Oromo rebel movement at the tender age of 14. He then waded into the harrowing Ethiopia-Eritrea war in 2000 as a foot soldier. Since taking the reins of power, Ethiopia has witnessed darkest years. His inclination towards violence, now that he holds a position of authority, is a matter of concern. He has either actively contributed to or turned a blind eye to numerous instances of violence, highlighting a disconcerting lack of empathy for the countless individuals whose lives have been affected. This raises questions about the possibility of him suffering from PTSD due to his tumultuous and violent past.

The public is left in a state of bewilderment, grappling with the unsettling lack of compassion exhibited by Abiy Ahmed. This apparent void of empathy can be traced back to his own violent past, which leaves many wondering about the potential lingering trauma and its impact on his leadership. In light of these concerns, a growing chorus of voices is calling for his resignation, believing that he should seek professional treatment to address any unresolved trauma and regain the capacity for empathy. This perspective suggests that only by acknowledging and addressing his own past and its potential influence on his leadership can Ethiopia hope for a more peaceful and empathetic future under new leadership.

Video : embedded from Ethio Chronicles YouTube channel
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  1. Do not distort facts. Abiy was recruited to join the pseudo-Oromo political group formed and ruled by the TPLF known as OPDO. TPLF recruited him to fight the Oromo people when he was 14. He never joined the Oromo rebel group or fought to assert the rights of the Oromo people. Instead, he full-heartily served the TPLF to subdue the Oromo people to the last minute.


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