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War in Amhara Region kills innocent civilians, damages properties, crops

Resident in Debre Sina town in the Amhara region of Ethiopia closed roads in protest against the Federal government (Photo : file/Ethiopian Human Rights Commission )

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Innocent civilians living  in war Zones of Amhara Region are being killed in their homes, villages and crops are burnt due to the war between the defence forces and Fano combatants , sources said.

Voice of America, Amharic service, reported quoting people that many innocent people have lost their lives and crops have been damaged in the prolonged war between the Defence Forces and Fano militants in Amhara Region.

Residents told VoA that civilians were injured in the exchange of gunfire that started at day break on October 27, 2023 and lasted until late noon the following day in Mersa Town of North Wollo Zone and the surrounding areas.

Meshenti Town, which is 18 km from the capital of Amhara Region, Bahir-Dar city, Enarj-Enawga Woreda in the East Gojjam Zone, Wegdi Woreda in the south of Wollo Zone  are the areas where the armed conflicts took place, VoA said.

The people blame the defence force for the mess happening in the area, according to VoA. However, there is no confirmation or denial on the issue from the side of the Ministry of the Federal National Defence. 

It is to be recalled that in the recent public discussion held in Debre-Markos Town, it was stated that action would be taken if there were any members of the defence force who would commit illegal activities.


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