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People in war-hit Zones of Amhara Region resort to traditional justice system

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) – Following the ongoing war in the Amhara Region, some residents of East and West Gojjam Zones, where government structures have collapsed, people have been forced to resort  to the traditional system to settle justice and deal with other issues, sources said.

Residents told Voice of America (VoA), Amharic service, that crimes including theft “are on the rise” due to lack of local civil administrations, police stations and judicial institutions.

Particularly, in some towns, due to the non-functioning of justice institutions, conflicts are being resolved through traditional mediation. But when murders and serious robberies are committed, it is impossible to get justice, according to the residents.

Head of Peace and Security Bureau of Amhara Region, Desalegn, told local media that work is being done to enable the newly organized security and political structure to stand on its own. 


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