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TPLF, the Interim Administration of Tigray Region at loggerheads 

TPLF - Getachew Reda _ Tigray
TPLF Chairperson, Debretsion Gebremichael (left) and President of Regional Interim Administration, Getachew Reda (right) – Source SM.

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) The President of the Tigray Interim Administration, Getachew Reda, said in a statement he gave to Tigray Television that “there is no cadre meeting acknowledged by the government to be held today and tomorrow, October 28 and 29, 2023.”

The President issued the statement through his office yesterday, on October 27, 2023, indicating that he has no knowledge of the reason for the meeting called from Kebele to Zonal levels on the wake of the martyr’s day. The Interim Administration inquired, “What is the reason for calling a meeting at the expense of public resources and leaving aside responsibilities given by the government” in its statement.

On the other hand, the Chairman of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Debretsion Gebre-Michael (PhD), announced in his letter circulated to party members that the meeting of the cadres called for this weekend would be held. The latest information is that the invited cadres are arriving in Mekele, the capital of the Region for the said meeting, according to TPLF.

The President of the Interim Tigray Administration, Getachew Reda, issued the statement following the decision to dismiss several public relations officers from the six Zones of the Region. The public relations officers, drawn from different Zones of the Region, were said to hold a meeting beyond the knowledge of the Interim Administration, according to Getachew. He substantiated the decision made by his administration, stating that the dismissed individuals were involved in activities unknown to the Interim Administration. Some of the dismissed officials are said to have heard about their dismissal from a third party rather than receiving a formal letter in person.

It was clarified in the statement that while the main participants of the meeting were the public relations officers at all levels, actions were taken against them for going their own way and neglecting the responsibilities given to them by the government and the people.

Getachew stated that the law enforcement action initiated in Tigray would continue in an intensified manner.

Measures will be taken against those who violate the law and order of the Interim Administration, according to Getachew. “The army and the administration will work jointly by mobilizing the people to address the problem,” the President said.

“Government bodies at every level must fulfill the responsibilities given to them by the people and the government and work for the benefit of the people,” said Getachew Reda.

Many are expressing concerns about the differences between the Interim Administration and the TPLF and are asking, “Where will these differences lead?”


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  1. Quote: “Where will these differences lead?” Unquote

    Humble Opinion, 28 Oct 2023
    a) We shall see or as the Amara saying goes: “linay whalla”

    b) It is amazing how people of any Age and Education will make fools of themselves.

    c) Ahhhh!!!! ETHIOPIA —-THE OLDEST INDEPENDENT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD — is on the verge of being mutilated
    by itself, to the amazement of the WORLD !?!?!?!

    d) What does one say to a such an old, and supposedly full of wisdom country ?!?!?!?!

    e) Anyway, no matter what, it seems the END of Ethiopia.

    f) If you disagree, prove it otherwise.

    g) LIVING in comfortable foreign countries abroad [ cowardly, like me] is not going to save Ethiopia or any other African
    Countries from falling into the ‘gutter’.

    h) Even certain groups of Black Africans are Against Africa, making themselves tranquil as dictatorial leaders, enjoying

    i) It means — please admit it — WE BLACK AFRICANS ARE DESTINED TO BE OUR OWN ENEMIES >>>under the enemies
    of yesterday e.g. ‘White Man’s Colonialism’. Prove it wrong to YOURSELF.

    j) I KNOW WHO I AM >>>> and ‘live’ with it (hard to believe ), VERY COMFORTABLY in my tranquil LIFE >>>>which
    includes the pleasure of drafting Articles, like I am doing now, [for pleasure, of course]

    k) Finally, I would NOT deny the inherently rich Black African Continent a simple expression: “GOOD LUCK ”
    ———————–THE END ————————–

  2. It is so obvious that the veteran leaders and their duplicates are obstinate commies of the third kind. They had tried to shed their guiding demonic scriptures to gain much needed financial and material from the generous West in 1991 but their working style has been nothing but. They are stubborn as mule once them made up their mind and that has been a source of frustration as many Western diplomats alluded to in the 1990’s until they were driven out of town(Nobody actually chased them out of Addis but they drove themselves out, we can say) in 2018. A few Western diplomats were said to be on the record saying ‘these leaders are very hard to work with and they don’t listen to reasons’.

    As any hard-line leftist or commie they will not flinch once they made up their mind. Just think what they did in 2020. There was no question that they had made up their mind to go to war and were making preparation for it. They were arming themselves to the teeth and huddled in their joint waiting for what they thought was the right moment. They hurled missiles in all directions just to terrorize civilians. Then they sent their totally hoodwinked fighters in every direction they thought would hasten their ‘Long March’ journey to the capital Addis/Finfine. What the heck, they even showed up at the border with Djibouti. I thought that Google Map was to blame for guiding them in the wrong direction. You know, I recently read a news article that tells how a couple using Google Map ended up in a pond. For our stubborn commies from TPLF, they were lucky that they did not end up in Bab el-Mandeb’s deep end. When all was said and done, more than half a million young people lost their Allah blessed lives and left the entire region in shambles.

    Who knows, these unrepentant obstinate deacons/darasaas of Marxism/Leninism/Maoism may still be longing for another day when they will be the new sheriffs in town for the 2nd time. Just look at them now. They don’t have an iota of decency to admit their fatal mistake. It is still them Eritreans. It is still them Amharas. It is still them Afars. It is still them boogeymen from Addis/Finfine!!! Now, this young man Getachew better watch over his shoulders. You never know what despotic commies may do when they become desperate.


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