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TPLF Plans Mekelle Meeting, Interim Government Blocks It

Is TPLF on a Collision Course with Getachew’s Administration in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia?

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Getachew Reda (Photo : Public Domain)


The leadership of the TPLF has issued a call for a meeting scheduled to take place in Mekelle this Saturday and Sunday. The meeting is set to include party cadres from the local, district, and zone levels. This announcement was disseminated through the party’s social media channels.

In response, Getachew Reda, the President of the Interim Administration established under the Pretoria agreement of November 2022, released a statement on Friday expressing confusion regarding the purpose of this meeting.

As of Friday, there is no official acknowledgement from the Interim Administration regarding the meeting’s legitimacy.

The Interim Administration cited the need to address post-mourning government responsibilities in the region following a three-day period of national mourning. Getachew’s administration  believes that public resources should not be expended on this meeting.

Authorities from various parts of the region have been working to coordinate the meeting since Wednesday, it was said. 

Earlier this week, Getachew Reda removed six high-ranking public relations heads at the zone level, ostensibly due to their failure to fulfill their “governmental responsibilities.” He vowed to take similar actions in the future.

Getachew emphasized that individuals in various government positions should prioritize actions that benefit the people, with those hindering progress facing strong law enforcement measures.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the key participants in the Mekelle meeting are the heads of public organizational affairs.

The political divide between the Interim Administration and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is growing clearer. However, the exact nature of this divide remains unclear, except for the fact that the party, for whom Getachew Reda once served as a public relations officer, appears to reject his role as Interim President of the region. Speculation suggests that this divide may be related to the war, which has claimed over a million lives in the Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions.

In an effort to quell concerns, the party has assured, in advance of its meeting, that the people in the region should not pay heed to any “rumors” regarding the gathering. The party claims to have the authorization of the central committee, executive committee, and various party committees.

Furthermore, earlier this month, Getachew Reda informed reporters in Mekelle that the security situation in the region has significantly deteriorated, to the point where even government officials with escorts do not feel safe. He also disclosed the existence of secret prisons not known to the Interim Administration.


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  1. It is so obvious that the veteran leaders and their duplicates are obstinate commies of the third kind. They had tried to shed their guiding demonic scriptures to gain much needed financial and material from the generous West in 1991 but their working style has been nothing but. They are stubborn as mule once them made up their mind and that has been a source of frustration as many Western diplomats alluded to in the 1990’s until they were driven out of town(Nobody actually chased them out of Addis but they drove themselves out, we can say) in 2018. A few Western diplomats were said to be on the record saying ‘these leaders are very hard to work with and they don’t listen to reasons’.

    As any hard-line leftist or commie they will not flinch once they made up their mind. Just think what they did in 2020. There was no question that they had made up their mind to go to war and were making preparation for it. They were arming themselves to the teeth and huddled in their joint waiting for what they thought was the right moment. They hurled missiles in all directions just to terrorize civilians. Then they sent their totally hoodwinked fighters in every direction they thought would hasten their ‘Long March’ journey to the capital Addis/Finfine. What the heck, they even showed up at the border with Djibouti. I thought that Google Map was to blame for guiding them in the wrong direction. You know, I recently read a news article that tells how a couple using Google Map ended up in a pond. For our stubborn commies from TPLF, they were lucky that they did not end up in Bab el-Mandeb’s deep end. When all was said and done, more than half a million young people lost their Allah blessed lives and left the entire region in shambles.

    Who knows, these unrepentant obstinate deacons/darasaas of Marxism/Leninism/Maoism may still be longing for another day when they will be the new sheriffs in town for the 2nd time. Just look at them now. They don’t have an iota of decency to admit their fatal mistake. It is still them Eritreans. It is still them Amharas. It is still them Afars. It is still them boogeymen from Addis/Finfine!!! Now, this young man Getachew better watch over his shoulders. You never know what despotic commies may do when they become desperate.

  2. There is only one solution to all these warlords, warmongers, liars, murderers, genociders, ethnic gas bags, inhumane selfish pricks, illiterate yet brainwashed self indulgent wannabe intellectuals, dictators, haters of Ethiopia and true Ethiopianism, false preachers, thieves and thugs. Fanno!! Fanno is coming folks! Fanno is coming people! Fanno is coming brothers and sisters! Abiy and co., flee and run away before it is too late. Go spend your ill gotten money and wealth in the dungeons of Emirates and wherever else.

  3. Subject: “TPLF Plans Mekelle Meeting, Interim Government Blocks It”. “Is TPLF on a Collision Course with Getachew’s
    Administration in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia?” October 28, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 29 Oct 2034
    a) Here we go!
    b) Internal disagreement in Tigray !?!?!?
    c) In Tigray !?!?!?
    d) It was supposed to be a firm, cohesive, proud fraternal solidarity, solid and sure of itself.
    e). What is really happening in SOLID TIGRAY ?!?!?!?
    f). WHO is against WHO?
    g). They are supposed to be cohesive Tigrayans, solid as Rash Dashan Mountain
    h). Good Lord Way Up in Heaven!!! What will you be cooking, next?!?!?!
    I). Who ever thought that SOLID TIGRAYANS will be so fractured easily?!?!?!?!
    ——————-THE. END —————-


  4. Tigray as the regional power has a decisive role in the region. Disagreements in Tigray should not be read as weakness and divisions. Unlike the backward Amhara and Oromo communities, Tigray is the oldest civilization and has a democratic, modern and developed mechanism for conflict resolutions.. Despite all the ups and downs. Tigray will be strong and a regional power that will protect the Oromos and others .

    • Yes, Tigray will be strong without airhead people like you who is trying to tell us about our own Tigray. Is there a foreign national on this platform who potentially believe you? otherwise the fact is Tigray always struggles to feed itself, Tigray mothers has to give 2 or 3 kids to be killed for useless wars, Tigray people never had enough water even in those 27 Years privilege and etc the other 2 tribes you insulted they fight but always support Ethiopia in so many ways, from foods in the market to National defense. Be nice Tegadaly you already lost!


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