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Ethiopian Defense Force Day Celebrated, Parade in the capital Addis Ababa 

Members of Ethiopian Defense Force during Ethiopian Defense Force Day celebration at Meskel Square (Photo: PD)


The Ethiopian Defense Force Day is celebrated on Thursday in Addis Ababa where there was an unprecedented military parade at the Meskel Square. It is also celebrated in different parts of Ethiopia. 

The day used to be celebrated in February before Abiy Ahmed’s administration changed the date to October 26. The decision is, it is said, based on historical records. Ethiopia’s Defense Ministry was established for the first time on October 26, 1907. 

In a Defense Day message Abram Belay, the Minister for Defense, called up Ethiopians to support the Defense Force which he described as the last stronghold of Ethiopia’s sovereignty – a force with a nation but no ethnicity.  

In recent years, there has been extensive criticism towards the Ethiopian Defense Force that it is mired in the business of advancing Oromummaa ideology just like the Defense Force under the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was serving the TPLF ethnic supremacy agenda rather than advancing Ethiopia’s cause. 

The ongoing military operation in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, where the defense force is battling against Fano Forces who said that they are on a mission to reverse the existential threat of ethnic Amhara people, has caused dwindling support to the Defense Force. It is noticeable that people in the region are increasingly seeing the Defense Force as an “Abiy Ahmed and Oromummaa ” force. The atrocities committed in the region have strengthened the sentiment.  Amhara is one of the regions in the country where the Defense Force used to garner solid support. 

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed denies that the Defense Force is serving a purpose other than one for which it was instituted. In a message during the Defense Force celebration, he said “The Defense Force does not have a goal that is short of Ethiopia. It is organized by Ethiopians. It is led by Ethiopians. It works for Ethiopia. “

Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, Chief of Staff of the Defense Force, blamed historical narratives as a cause of problems for the defense force. “Historical narratives written tilting to one side have been causing us controversy,” he said.  His assertion resonates with a view of radical ethnic Nationalist forces like the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), whose military wing is linked to tens of thousands of massacres of ethnic Amhara in the Oromia region,  propagated for years highlighting narratives of Ethiopian history as a history of “neftegna” and the works of “Debtera” (Clergy). 

Ethiopian Defense Force Day _ Jula
Defense Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula speaking during the celebration at Meskel Square (Photo : Public Domain)

The Defense Chief added that the Defense Force is among the institutions impacted by what he called “partisan narratives,”  according to a report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC). 

“We the leaders and members of the Defense Force promise to defend its honor and l pass the country we received from our patriotic fathers to the oncoming generation,”  he added. 

Major roads in the capital were closed for the event and police has announced that the event was celebrated “peacefully.”


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  1. I just received the list of names of all members the Ethiopian Defense Forces and discovered that all of them are Oromummaas, not Oromos only but outright Oromummaas. And they are everywhere, man! All government and civilian institutions are manned and run by Oromummaas only. Even Ethiopian Airlines is nothing but Oromummaas with all its pilots, office employees, ground technicians and flight crews being all Oromummaas. Even every winged animal flying over the entire country over there is Oromummaa watching you!!! They are everywhere, dude! They popped out of my breakfast plate this morning. I heard they are pissed off at me because they saw me badmouthing these bigots over there and here among us. Them rascals!!!

    • Oromumma is said to be what’s causing famine and cholera outbreaks, it’s keeping rain from pouring down in certain regions. Oromumma is what’s causing the low passing rates in the education system. Oromumma is what is drawing locust infestations to come and destroy our crops. Man, Oromumma is keeping the nation from going back to a monarchy and back to it’s glorious days. I believe their solution to the Oromumma problem involves giving power back to a specific tribe, which they think will solve the issues in the nation.

      A house divided will not stand.

    • I just discovered another misery Oromummaa is causing. I was watching the radar I invented specifically to track what Oromummaa is doing over there every minute of the day and caught them red handed tinkering with the nature’s clock. It was reported yesterday that the sun arose exactly 5 minutes and 65 seconds later than the usual on all other regions except Oromia. And it set exactly 6 minutes and 72 seconds earlier than usual on all other regions except Oromia. The cows came home two hours earlier than usual in all other regions except Oromia just to disrupt lives in those regions. Them rascals Oromummaas!!! They are still popping out of my breakfast, lunch and dinner plates and cups of coffee just to harass and torture me because they saw me badmouthing bigots who have been blowing their stinking dragon breaths over there and here in our Diaspora. I am gonna seek political asylum in Minnesota. I can’t take this harassment by Oromummaas anymore!!!!!

  2. Keep the sarcasm going. The days are numbered and your nonsense will stop quickly. Shameless leader and shameless group of ethnic gas bags, cowards, hateful and inhumane animals. Lies after lies brazenly spoken with out an iota of decency, remorse, and sincerity. Fanno is knocking on the door gently telling you to cease and desist from your sins and wash your blood socked hands, minds and hearts. Alas, you are drunk with blood of innocent Ethiopians and consumed with hatred so the door must come down. Fanno is knocking on the door bro Fanno is knocking on the door bro Fanno is coming bro

    • Keep displaying your hate for other ethnic groups who are not in the same ethnic group as you. I don’t support what has happened to the folks in the Amhara region or the Amharas in Wallaga, but I will also never support an ethnic based militia like fano; that includes shene and tplf. They are all despicable beings. I don’t believe in what you extremists who spew support for fano are saying either. Fano is not fighting for the people of SNNPR, the Afar or any other group in Ethiopia but only for Amhara. You say they are knocking on the door? They will be met with the full force of a multi-ethnic Ethiopia. Get used to not being the face of Ethiopia anymore.

  3. Abiy Ahmed we are Watchung and can predict your dirty plots. Remove your Chemical Bomb and coward savage and looting machine OLF army out of Amhara regions.
    Derg history repeated by the extremists Orommuma Abiy Ahmed government. When people are suffering of Abiy Ahmed made war, famine, poverty, hopelessness, looting n pillaging and ethic Genocide Abiy is wasting the country resources on irresponsible stupid military show.
    This only speaks for the fear and nervousness in Abiy government kitchen.
    One small brain with big mouth, Abiy may want to portray he is paying ENDF his own money and fool with his immature talks. But every ENDF member knows they are there to stay without Abiy because they have the support of Ethiopia but Abiy cannot and will not stay without the support of Ethiopians.

    • Sign of Fear and a chance of testing the fate of Samuel Doe

      What a name 🙂

      Do you understand the whole world right now and where we are heading beside complaining on our Hero leader who is working day and night to show people like you how the job is done in so many areas.?

      We are now part of BRICS !!!!

      Do you know what that means? Even BRICS don’t want Abiy to leave power because they understand our problems more than some of us understand our own problems.
      You still don’t see the progress, instead you are talking about him leaving power soon….
      How do you defeat a leader with 1 000 000 active soldiers with upgraded and new military equipment?
      I know it sounds bad to say this to local enemies, but reality forced me to mention that. Fano is a neighborhood gang trying to grab attention as usual, Zeraf Zeraf bu***t, they will never make you happy in this case. Instead, you will be witnessing poor Amhara kids dying for a war they will never win!

      Well, they supposed to learn from TPLF the biggest gang in the region now begging Adanch Abebe food, some cash and clothing… Stop hating on our leader just because he is not from your tribe, that is wrong…Even God the one who assigned the leader will get offended on that, kindly be honest and add everything he did for Mana Ethiopia in just 5 years, a lot has changed if you really see things in a clear eye. Mama Ethiopia is now stronger than ever in so many areas! The cancer TPLF is now toothless, they can’t bite anymore… I will say same will happen with Fano a group with a few bullets, nice music and rifle lol

      Underestimation, untamed emotion, ego etc should be avoided to save lives.

    • Who or what is Ethiopia? A nation full of many different ethnic groups or just the Amhara population? Wake up and smell the buna. Ethiopia has a diverse range of ethnic groups, including many who openly support Abiy despite differing opinions. Despite the negative media coverage, his support from the Oromo population remains strong. The nation was already full of many different issues prior to him coming to power.

  4. One eye witness who witnessed the advance of Tigray forces in the Wollo front in 2021 says the disarray and retreat in the Oromo dominated government army were unforgettable. Well trained and motivated Tigray forces simply made advances pursuing the collapsing army while the other fronts defended by the Eritrean forces held their positions and repulsed TDF counter attacks. The Amhara forces which saw this military retreats and surrender in Wollo got confidence and attacking the government forces.

    • Digital

      Bla bla bal, you remind me of ASH one of TPLF online solider who used to continuously undermine Ethiopia, insult Ethiopia and make me cry lol but now I don’t even know if he is still alive. How did the war end? Who dismantled TPLF? Where did all those old TPLF gangs are now? How did the government won 3 wars? you should ask all these questions before you stretch about unverified eyewitness… You know exactly what the cost was on Tigray people. Just admit like most of former TPLF propagandists, they all have broken heart after all that bluffing, they believed TPLF more than God, but time always answer the correct answer and now all of them are back to God. Amen!


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