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Woredas in Oromia Region hit by severe famine

Oromia famine
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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – People in some Woredas in West and Kellem Wollega Zones of Oromia Region have been exposed to severe famine, sources said.  

Residents of some Weredas in the stated Zones said that they have experienced severe famine, Voice of America (VoA) reported yesterday.

VOA said that some Woredas in West and Kellem Wollega Zones of Oromia Region have been exposed to severe hunger due to the prolonged conflict between the government forces and the Oromo Liberation Army.

A resident of Begi Woreda in West Wollega Zone, Alemayehu Gabissa pointed out that the main reason for the outbreak and worsening of the famine in the area is the security problem. “Government security forces and militants are harassing the residents,” according to Alemayehu.

Alemayehu said that last year people consumed what they had produced. “But now they have nothing. They are starving. It is very sad that the people living on fertile land are starving,” he said.

Alemayu explained that when there is a fight in the town, there are armed individuals who invade the rural localities and rob the community. “If the fight is outside the town, there are those who dress up as government security forces and engage themselves in robbery. It has become very difficult for the residents,” he said.

The other resident of Gao Gihbe Woreda of Kellem Wollega Zone, Kemal Seid, indicated that children who have been suffering from hunger are dying. “Tents of mourners have been set up everywhere. Now we have lost hope. Though we can farm and raise crops, we are losing our children due to the deteriorating security issue in the area. There is nothing worse than this,” Kemal said in a broken heart.

The other witness residing in West Wollega Zone, Kondala Wereda, Tamiru Ugassa, said that no humanitarian aid has been received yet. “The government has not reacted regarding the problems faced by the community. If any help will not reach the community soon, the harm will be worse.”

Efforts VoA has made to reach the health stations of West and Kellem Wollega Zones, including the communication bureau of Oromia Regional State, was unsuccessful, according to the news source. 


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